20 Aesthetic & Free Notion Templates for Students (2024)

It’s overwhelming at times to become a student, right? With the free Notion templates for students, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed anymore. 

Whether you’re plowing through assignments or study sessions, streamline your academic life with these templates. Beat the chaos with Notion and find the template for you.

The 10 Useful & Free Notion Templates for Students

1. Student Spaced Repetition

Student Spaced Repetition Free Notion Template

Studying effectively before the big exams is one of the problems students face. Hence, it’s best to space out your studying with timed intervals through the Spaced Repetition template. 

This helps you remember more from your lessons and flatten the forgetting curve even with lesser time studying. 


  • Functional and aesthetic design
  • Comes with an “Instructions Here” section that fully explains how spaced repetition works and how to use this student template
  • Today’s Actions table lists the lessons per subject with the reps (repetition) properties
  • You can evaluate your level of comfort after each rep so you’ll know which topics to focus studying on
  • The to-do formula automatically updates the next review date based on the timetable 
  • The interval between each repetition date can be customized by clicking “Next Rep” and selecting “Edit Formula” to change the values

Get the Student Spaced Repetition template here

2. Bachelor of Arts in Organization

Bachelor of Arts in Organization Free Notion Template for Students

Having lots of subjects to deal with in a semester is challenging for every student. Your notebook might be loaded with sticky note markers, but you still fumble around for your class notes.

This Bachelor of Arts in Organization template helps students bring back the organization to their student life. Not only will you be able to organize course notes and study materials, but also your weekly schedule and academic due dates.


  • Straightforward and clean design
  • Brain Dump section allows you to type all the things that you have in your mind so you can go back to them and organize them later
  • Assignment/Exam Schedule lists all the exams and assignments with their respective dates and corresponding notes
  • List of Courses lists all your current subjects for the semester and opens to a note containing the course details and lecture notes
  • To-Dos & Reminders lists all your urgent tasks in a checklist format
  • Weekly Course Schedule database shows your weekly course schedule
  • Upcoming Due Dates table shows the most current assignment or exam schedules for the week
  • Full Calendar of Due Dates shows your monthly exam and assignment schedules

Get the Bachelor of Arts in Organization template here

3. Aesthetics Student Planner

Aesthetics Student Planner Free Notion Templates for Students

This Notion template for students is aesthetically designed to motivate high school students to study. It makes the student’s semestral schedule highly visual so he can organize his academic life in a single dashboard.


  • Aesthetic and easy-to-use design for high schoolers
  • Reading List section shows all the readings your teacher has assigned you
  • Course Overview page shows all courses for the year and the tools and resources that you’ll need to ease your studying
  • Assignment Task board shows the progress of your homework
  • Revision Tracker page shows what lessons or assignments you’ll have to review 
  • Review gallery shows flashcards for each subject you have to review on
  • Study Session plan allows for all academic deadlines and quizzes to be shown on a monthly calendar
  • Notebook is where students can jot down notes for that subject
  • Timetable is a database showing your schedule for the week
  • Quick Notes lists all notes that you need to review later in checklist form
  • Resources is a section where you can copy and paste the website URLs you’ve found for your study

Get the Aesthetics Student Planner template here

4. Janice Studies’ Student Dashboard

Janice Studies’ Student Dashboard Free Notion Templates for Students

Another aesthetic planner for students is the one made by Janice Studies. Her Student Dashboard is a centralized dashboard that helps anyone using it to keep track of her academic duties. 


  • Aesthetic and easy-to-use dashboard
  • Today’s To-Dos lists all upcoming tasks for the day or week and easily tick them off after doing them
  • Weather widget shows the weather forecast for the next few days
  • Daily Check-In comes with toggle menus so you can prioritize your tasks and how you want to relax while 
  • About Me section lists all the personal information you have 
  • Navigation makes it easier to access “School,” “Works,” and “My Expenses” for easier tracking of any student-life-related task.
  • Due within the week table shows the deadline for each subject for the week
  • Due within the next month shows subject deadlines for the following month
  • Study Playlist is where you can paste YouTube videos and watch them in Notion.
  • Comes with a Pomodoro timer to help keep stay organized

Get Janice Studies’ Student tracker template here

5. Student Starter Pack

Student Starter Pack Free Notion Templates for Students

Do you want to use a Notion template for students that is not only customizable but also simple to use? The Students Starter Pack is the one template for you.

This free Notion template for students is comprehensive despite being a single-page template. It contains all the databases you’ll need for an organized student life.

Plus, a video tutorial is also available if you’re confused about how to get the most out of this template.


  • Single-page template with various databases
  • Available in light and dark mode
  • Comes with a video tutorial to help you learn how to maximize the usage of this template 
  • What to Do Today section shows upcoming class schedules for the day
  • Recent Notes section shows your most recent class notes for easy review
  • My Class Directory database shows all your classes for the semester, complete with class schedule details, professors, classroom locations, term, and grades
  • My Class Calendar shows your class schedules in a month
  • My Class Notebook organizes your class notes by subject
  • Guide note shows the formula for adding scheduled dates and times for each class, complete with a video tutorial

Get the Student Starter Pack template here

6. School Dashboard Template

School Dashboard Template Free Notion Templates for Students

Feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed with coursework? The School Dashboard template might help. With its aesthetic and easy-to-navigate design, it organizes your school-related stuff. 

Aside from the Academic Planner section for long-term planning, courses can be organized in Kanban view for sorting the subjects. Plus, you get to organize all your assignments and track their progress.


  • Aesthetic and easy-to-navigate design
  • Academic Plan page for tracking all the courses (prerequisite, present and future), including meeting times for long-term planning
  • Course Schedule page (optional) in Kanban view for easy organization of courses according to the academic schedule
  • Assignments database for tracking assignments, including due dates, completion status, and even course details
  • To-Do section to list all academic tasks in checklist format
  • Courses section shows all the subjects, their schedules, assignments, class notes, and class resources in a separate note
  • Study Tunes allows you to listen to your favorite songs through an embedded Spotify widget
  • Links section for easy access to class resources and research materials
  • Assignments calendar shows the due dates for your class assignments in the calendar view

Get the School Dashboard template here

7. Modern & Aesthetic Student Template

Modern & Aesthetic Student Template

Nick Lafferty’s Modern & Aesthetic Student template aims to help each student have an organized start to their semester. With the Notion widgets added there, you can organize assignments, notes, and classes without missing anything.

You can even check all your upcoming assignments and classes at a glance.


  • Aesthetic yet modern all-in-one workspace for easy organization
  • Has a PDF guide for a detailed explanation of how to use the template
  • Semester Tracker database for easy adding of the current semester and its classes 
  • Class Tracker database allows easy monitoring of your classes throughout the semester 
  • Tasks section connects you to your notes, assignments, and to-do lists pages 
  • Other section leads you to the Clubs & Activities and Job Applications pages
  • Assignments show all your assignment deadlines in calendar view as well as a “Tasks” section for an easy listing of tasks
  • Clubs and Events section shows the clubs you’re joining in the gallery view and all your events in calendar view

Get the Modern & Aesthetic Student template by Nick Lafferty here

8. University Hub

University Hub Free Notion Templates for Students

University Hub by Fre is another free template for organizing your college stuff in one location. Aside from the various sections with different views and filters, it also comes with pre-made templates for easier tracking.

Even after graduation, you can still rely on this template as it comes with a resume template from Canva. A “Jobs” page also tracks all the applications you made.


  • Straightforward design
  • Main page of the template shows you the information you need to see at a glance
  • Each page on this template comes with a Notice board to update you on upcoming school-related activities
  • University page shows lectures, active courses, and a section for information about professors
  • Courses show all the active courses you’re taking, the chapters and modules you’re studying, and the exam schedules for each subject
  • Professors page shows the emails of each of your professors and the subjects they’re teaching
  • Job Search gallery shows all the job positions and companies you’re applying to, the application status, and a resume template from Canva
  • Today’s View shows databases of lectures and to-do lists for the day and what lectures you’re to review for the week

Get the University Hub template here

9. University Class Management by Janice

University Class Management by Janice Free Notion Templates for Students

University Class Management aims to help students easily prepare for the upcoming semester. This free template even comes with a YouTube video tutorial to easily guide the students in using it.


  • Well-thought-out and aesthetic design
  • Brain Dump page stores all your thoughts and scribbles
  • Assignment/Exam Scheduler database lists all your assignments and exam schedules for the semester
  • List of Courses opens to separate pages for each course you have for the semester
  • To-Dos & Reminders lists all your pending tasks
  • Weekly Course Schedule shows your weekly class schedule
  • Upcoming Due Dates database shows all the exams or assignments you’ll have for the week
  • Full Calendar of Due Dates shows the 1-month view of the upcoming exams and assignments for your subjects

Get the University Class Management by Janice template here

10. Notion High School Template

Notion High School Template

Izzybee, a Reddit user, creates this Notion High School template to help high school students keep track of their studies. 

Aside from being aesthetic, this free Notion template for students also sparks your motivation through its blue hue, quotes, and pictures of KPop stars. You may, of course, switch out these photos to whatever you like.


  • Aesthetic and functional design
  • Time tracker widget to inform you of the current time
  • Weather widget from Accra shows the 7-day weather forecast
  • Daily To-Do lists to easily prioritize school tasks for each day
  • Subjects gallery shows all the subjects for the year; opens to a separate page to add notes to each subject
  • Pages section allows for easy retrieval of data about class schedule, college preparation, journal notes, and learning style notes 
  • To Do database shows all the school tasks you’ll do for the coming days
  • Teacher Contact database lists the names of your teachers for each subject and their email addresses

Get the Notion High School template here

10 Paid Notion Templates for Students

1. Student Planner by Brooke

Student Planner by Brooke Paid Notion Templates for Students
Photo Credit: Brooke on Gumroad

This Notion template is the best buy for students who love to plan their academic year as much as possible. You get to track your classes, assignments, goals, and even events without leaving it.

Whether you are in college or high school, you’ll experience better organization while avoiding feeling overwhelmed by it. 


  • Straightforward template design
  • “My Space” section for quick access to the different sections of the template
  • The “Current Tasks” section shows daily to-do lists by urgency; and has checkboxes to tick off tasks you’ve finished doing
  • Holiday countdown widget to track the days left until the holiday season
  • “Weekly Schedule” section for planning and tracking of weekly activities
  •  “Quick Notes” section to easily write school-related reminders
  • “Courses” in gallery view shows all the courses you’re taking and their corresponding grades per task
  • “Student Playlist” for playing music while studying
  • “Life Progress Bar” shows the remaining time for the current year
  • “Assignment Tracker” categorizes subject assignments by due date
  • “Group Project Tracker” to keep track of group projects 
  • “Goal Tracker” for setting and tracking of your school-related tasks and goals
  • “Study Notebook” organizes each subject’s notes in separate gallery cards
  • The “To-Do Lists” page shows daily and weekly to-do lists; comes with a “Mood Tracker” section below it
  • Comes with a built-in Pomodoro timer widget

Get Brooke’s Student Planner template here

2. All-in-One Dashboard Student OS for Notion

All-in-One Dashboard Student OS for Notion Paid Notion Templates for Students
Photo Credit: Gridfiti

If you’re looking for a Notion template to track your academic and extra-curriculars, use this Student OS for Notion template.

Its centralized dashboard makes it easier to stay updated with relevant data without skimping on its aesthetics.


  • Aesthetic yet minimalistic template design
  • Comes with more than 15 templates to track exams, assignments, to-do lists (daily and weekly), semester grades, readings, etc.
  • Easily add the current subjects to the “Full Classes database and planner” page
  • Each subject has a dedicated page to check on its syllabus, files, assignments, notes, and details about professors and classmates
  • “Assignments and Deliverables” database to stay updated on exams, assignments, essays, and group work; task priority can be set using Notion tags and viewed in board and calendar views
  • Has a built-in grade calculator to calculate your grades per subject based on your course outline
  • Never miss an assigned reading with the “School Readings” tracker
  • Comes with a digital notebook (Cornell Note-Taking System is used) and a study hub with flashcard templates
  • Track your classmates and professors with its “Student CRM”
  • “Extracurricular Activity Tracker” for staying up-to-date with outside school activities
  • Comes with a tracker for internships and job applications, and resume template layouts
  • College and university application tracker for high school and graduate school students
  • Other features include a spending tracker, packing checklist, journal with mood tracker, and a filing cabinet for brain-dumping

Get the Student OS for Notion template here

3. Geo – Notioncrossing’s Student Productivity Hub

Geo - Notioncrossing’s Student Productivity Hub Paid Notion Templates for Students

Combine your preferred aesthetic with efficiency when tracking assignments, class notes, exams, and grades with this Notion template for students. 

This workspace comes with rollups, relations, and formulae for seamless tracking. This way, you can focus on organizing your study time instead of creating a tracking template yourself.


  • Aesthetic template design
  • Has 4 template designs to choose from: “Anime,” “Red,” “Snow,” and “Purple”
  • Comes with a “Getting Started” page to guide you on using the template
  • Has dedicated pages for tracking lectures, assignments, and tasks
  • Easily contact your professors and classmates with its built-in “Contact Directory”
  • Track your grades per subject with its “Grade/GPA Calculator”

Get the Student Productivity Hub template here

4. Acadashboard 2024

Acadashboard 2024 Paid Notion Templates for Students
Photo Credit: Sealine Media on Gumroad

This Notion template’s unique name stems from its all-in-one dashboard for students. Aside from the usual trackers for lessons, tasks, assignments, exams, and courses, it also comes with mood and habit trackers.

If you’re into job hunting already, you’ll also find a dedicated internship and job applications page. And if you already hold a part-time job, you can also track it with the “Part Time” page.


  • Aesthetic and functional template design
  • Offers a 60% running New Year Sale Discount
  • Comes with 5 themes: “Classic,” “Main Pixel,” “Dark Knight,” “Kawaii,” and “Minimalist”
  • Can be set to dark mode
  • Has a video walkthrough for easier understanding of how to use the template
  • Each page in the template is tailored for every semester and year in university
  • Academic-related sections include: “Courses/Subjects,” “Assignment,” “Exam,” “Notes,” “Contacts,” “Extracurriculars,” “Habit,” “Mood,” and “Part-Time” pages
  • Track non-academic related activities with these pages: “Living Away from Home/Dorm,” “College Admissions,” “Internships/Job Applications,” and “Yearly Thesis” dashboard
  • Easily add and track your schedules with its “Clickable Schedule” feature
  • Focus on your work with the “Deepwork Timer”
  • Track your budget with its built-in “Budget Tracker
  • Go through your notes during study sessions in a spaced repetition

Get the Acadashboard 2024 template here

5. The Maine Notion’s Student Planner

The Maine Notion’s Student Planner Paid Notion Templates for Students
Photo Credit: The Maine Notion on Gumroad

If you prefer a no-frills planner to organize your school life, then the Student Planner template is the one you should use.

It’s easy to stay productive while tracking progress with its design. This way, you don’t have to leave the template to check the different facets of your academic life.


  • Straightforward and minimalistic template design
  • Comes with a calendar widget to check dates and a “Quotes” section to keep you motivated
  • “Goals” section to list your academic goals for that semester or year
  • “Brain Dump” for writing random thoughts and tasks 
  • The “Subjects” section shows all the courses you’re taking for the year
  • “Class Schedule” and “Stay on Target: Homework & Assessments” sections can be opened by clicking their toggles

Get the Notion Student Planner template by Maine Notion here

6. School Hub Notion Template by PastelDigitalStudio

School Hub Notion Template by PastelDigitalStudio Paid Notion Templates for Students
Photo Credit: PastelDigitalStudio on Etsy

Boost your productivity while staying updated with school-related activities with this Notion template. 

With its minimalist design, you can lay out your weekly schedule and add your classes for every semester. You can even organize your assignments per course and focus on urgent ones if needed.


  • Minimalistic template design
  • Created by a consistent “Star Seller” on Etsy
  • Template is compatible with any device
  • “Weekly Schedule” database for inputting class schedules; includes weekends but they can be removed
  • “Classes” gallery for adding class details for all your subjects; comes with multiple views
  • Subject gallery cards for adding assignments, syllabus, topic list, and monitoring of grades
  • Comes with a grade calculator for easy computation of course grades

Get PastelDigitalStudio’s School Hub Notion Template here

7. Aesthetic Student Notion Template

Aesthetic Student Notion Template Paid Notion Templates for Students
Photo Credit: MyAestheticNotion on Etsy

Appearances aside, this Notion template for students makes organizing schoolwork seamless. Though the databases are already pre-filled, you can still customize them to your style with the Canva templates included.

It even comes with a “Course Template” for adding detailed information on all your academic activities.


  • Aesthetic template design that is easy to navigate
  • Comes with a video walkthrough showing the different sections of the template
  • Created by a “Star Seller” on Etsy
  • The “Daily Planner” page features databases for daily schedules, tasks, goals, notes, meal planners, habit trackers, and workout
  • “Weekly Planner” allows you to set your top 3 priority tasks, recurring weekly tasks, and notes
  • “Monthly Planner” page for viewing all your school-related tasks at a glance
  • “Course Template” features detailed information about your subjects
  • The “Motivation” page features affirmations, goals, and vision boards to stay motivated
  • Built-in Spotify playlist to listen to your favorite music while studying
  • Comes with Canva templates for customization

Get the Aesthetic Student Notion Template here

8. Studio Ghibli Student Notion Template

Studio Ghibli Student Notion Template Paid Notion Templates for Students
Photo Credit: BalenciStudios on Etsy

If you’re a fan of Studio Ghibli anime, you’re going to love using this particular Notion template for students. Aside from tracking assignments, to-do lists, and class schedules, it comes with animated banners.

It also has the new Notion Calendar feature, allowing you to create Zoom meetings without leaving the template, even on a smartphone.


  • Aesthetic Studio Ghibli-themed template; comes with 10 animated banner designs
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Have access to template updates after buying it
  • The Notion Calendar feature is integrated — can be synced with your Google Calendar
  • Zoom meetings can be created without leaving the template
  • Courses are organized in gallery view
  • “Assignment Tracker” is shown in calendar and chart views to avoid missing due dates
  • Comes with a “Daily Task To-Do” section
  • Pomodoro and Spotify widgets to maintain productivity while listening to your favorite tunes 
  • Has a “Quicklinks” section for easy access to frequently used links
  • Can be switched between “Light” and “Dark” modes

Get the Studio Ghibli Student Notion Template here

9. ADHD-Friendly Language Learning Hub

ADHD-Friendly Language Learning Hub Paid Notion Templates for Students
Photo Credit: FStoreMC on Etsy

Learning a new language is tough enough, let alone learning one with ADHD. But, you don’t have to lose your focus again with the help of this Language Learning Hub. 

Its ADHD-friendly design helps you update your learning progress without sacrificing aesthetics. Plus, you get to learn about different country cultures to make your language learning well-rounded.


  • Aesthetic template design made especially for people with ADHD
  • Comes with a comprehensive “Dashboard” for checking your language goals and tasks every day; has an inspiring quote to motivate you
  • Do language exercises, take notes on the new words or phrases you learn, and writing prompts in “Language Practice with Notebook”
  • Comes with a personal language diary for reflecting on your language learning journey
  • The “Bookmarks” section stores all your language-learning resources
  • “Movies and Books” for further immersion into the country’s language and culture
  • “Country Cultures” for a deeper learning of the country’s culture and history
  • “Flashcards” help master the vocabulary of the language you’re learning
  • The “Courses” section shows your learning path; has language courses you can take, whether certified or not

Get the Language Learning Hub template here

10. Kryptic Jade’s Student Planner 2.0

Kryptic Jade’s Student Planner 2.0 Paid Notion Templates for Students
Photo Credit: FStoreMC on Etsy

If you prefer simplicity over aesthetics, this particular Notion template for students is the one you should buy. It offers a holistic approach to organizing your schoolwork so you won’t miss out on any activity or event.


  • Simple yet dynamic template design
  • “Subjects Overview” categorizes subjects while tracking notes, assignments, topics, and exams
  • Can create a personalized academic schedule that shows an overview of your class days
  • Has a “To-Do List” to track your school tasks; comes with a “Button” feature for easy ticking off of completed tasks
  • Comes with an “Assignments and Exam Tracker” calendar view for managing exam schedules, due dates, and tracking the submission status of each schoolwork
  • Centralized storage of study materials in “Notes Repository”
  • Subjects can be broken down into different modules
  • Study sessions can be organized by module or course with spaced repetitions; progress is tracked with the “Next Review” date feature
  • A Pomodoro widget is added to increase focus while studying

Get the Student Planner 2.0 template here


Are you now ready to unlock your student life’s full potential? With the free Notion templates above, you can simplify your academic journey. 

Customize these Notion student templates to fit your needs so you can stay productive and motivated. Don’t wait and start your academic success story with Notion school templates.

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