10 Free Notion Habit Tracker Templates in 2024

Struggling with the task of building and maintaining good habits? Let Notion save the day with the free habit tracker templates that unlock your full potential.

Whether you value self-growth or are a productivity enthusiast, Notion’s free habit tracker templates will help you stay on track.

10 Free Notion Habit Tracker Templates to Help You Reach Your Goals

1. Notion Habit Tracker by Reem Magdi

Notion Habit Tracker by Reem Magdi

Building good habits should not feel complicated. It will only make you feel demotivated to continue. 

Hence, Reem Magdi’s Habit Tracker template makes this simple with the help of a database with all the details you need. You only need to mark the habits you have completed on the database. 

Whatever you ticked off will then be shown in the “Habit Stats” section as your habit score. 


  • User-friendly design 
  • Read First toggle shows detailed instructions about using the Habit Tracker template
  • Today database lists the habits you’re building for easy marking 
  • The Habit Stats section shows your habit-building progress
  • Calendar for easy adding of notes, tasks, documents, images, and other files for large projects

Get the Habit Tracker template by Reem Magdi here

2. Habit Tracker by Alysha Marwaha

Habit Tracker by Alysha Marwaha Free Notion Habit Tracker Template

Part of habit formation is the consistency of doing them. Alysha Marwaha’s Habit Tracker template will ensure you’ll follow through with your good habits daily.

This free Notion template breaks down individual habits by day and month. You can easily mark the boxes once you’re done and check your consistency in doing those tasks.


  • Simple and functional design
  • Individual habits are broken down into daily or monthly databases for easier tracking of habits
  • Notes or images can be easily added to each day’s subpage
  • Resets every Sunday

Get Alysha Marwaha’s Habit Tracker template here

3. 30-Day Notion Habit Tracker Challenge

30-Day Notion Habit Tracker Challenge Free Notion Template

Experts say it takes 30 days (yes, a full month!) to build new habits. Hence, the 30-day Notion Habit Tracker Challenge template banks on this knowledge to make habit tracking easy.

This free Notion template also has a space for writing new habits and for tracking your progress, too.


  • Straightforward interface
  • The habits section shows the habits (both old and new) you want to build
  • Tags added to each habit card show the progress of each habit you’re building
  • The tracking section breaks down the habits you’re forming daily in Kanban form
  • Checkboxes added to each card allow easy ticking off of habits you’ve done for the day.

Get the 30-Day Notion Habit Tracker Challenge here

4. Productivity OS

Productivity OS Free Notion Habit Tracker Template

Productivity OS is a 2-in-1 template as it is not only a free Notion habit tracker; it also is a task manager template. The “Habit Tracker” database breaks down the habits you’re building daily.

You also get the “Task Manager,” “Calendar,” and “Bookmarks” sections for easy management of tasks. 

Hence, individuals and teams can stay on top of their workload without compromising good habits.


  • 2-in-1 template (habit tracker and task management)
  • Habit Tracker database for easy tracking of good habits you’re building
  • Task Manager section tracks tasks to be done today, tomorrow, in the next 7 days and whether you have any overdue tasks 
  • Calendar is linked to the Task Manager section for a monthly view of the tasks and their due dates
  • Template Guide for detailed instructions on how to use the Habit Tracker and Task Manager

Get the Actio’s Productivity OS template here

5. Ultimate Habit Tracker(s)

Ultimate Habit Tracker(s) Free Notion Habit Tracker Template

Rames Quinerie’s Ultimate Habit Tracker(s) is for those who are serious about building good habits. You get not only 1 habit tracker but 2—one for weekly tracking and another for monthly tracking.


  • Functional yet simple design
  • You can track as many habits as you want (unlimited tracking)
  • Easy definition of weekly and monthly goals 
  • Both weekly and monthly tracker templates come with Instructions section to guide users on using them
  • Weekly Habit Tracker (labeled Monthly) shows a database with checkboxes for easy marking
  • Weekly Habit Tracker database comes with a “Daily Progress” property showing daily habit progress
  • Monthly Habit Tracker (labeled Weekly) template has a gallery where each card opens to track the progress of habits monthly
  • Quick Notes section for easy adding of notes related to building habits

Get the Rames Quinerie’s Ultimate Habit Tracker(s) template here

6. Health & Habit Tracker 

Health & Habit Tracker Free Notion Template

Health is closely related to building good habits. If you’re healthy, you’re most likely to stick with any habit you’re forming. 

Aside from the usual weekly habit tracker databases, you also have the “Mood,” “Symptoms,” and “Medications” pages. These sections will help you analyze and track your health and medication intake.


  • Clean and functional design
  • Weekly and Monthly Analytics show the progress of the habits you’re forming
  • Drag the slider below each analytic section to see individual progress cards
  • Habit Tracker database tracks habits you’re forming by week through checkboxes
  • Moods page allows for logging your moods per day
  • Symptoms page for logging any symptoms you’re feeling
  • Medications database helps people keep track of the medicines they’re taking

Get the Health & Habit Tracker by Jane Schill here

7. My Notion Habit Tracker

My Notion Habit Tracker

Nick Lafferty’s My Notion Habit Tracker template has a calming aura to it to make habit tracking relaxing. When you’re more relaxed, you look forward to filling it out and seeing your daily progress. 

Aside from the usual “Habits” tracker database, Notion widgets like an analog clock and calendar are also added.


  • Simple and soothing design
  • Routines gallery for easy adding of morning and evening routines
  • Helpful links section to access web links related to the “Fitness tracker,” “Goodreads,” and “Mindfulness” sections
  • Monthly Reflections for jotting down learnings for the past month; quotes can be added for more motivation
  • Habits list to tick off habits you’ve completed for the day; you can add as many habits as you like
  • Easy weekly habit tracking for individual habits you’re building

Get My Notion Habit Tracker by Nick Lafferty here

8. Habit Tracker by Taylor Milliman

Habit Tracker by Taylor Milliman Free Notion Template

If you’re looking for a straightforward habit tracker, Taylor Milliman’s Habit Tracker is the one you should use. With its one-page dashboard, you’ll easily track your habit-building progress daily.

You can easily customize the template by adding rows at the bottom. 

What separates this template from the others is that a percentage is found at the bottom of each property. You can change this to sum if you want to, but this feature helps track certain daily habits.


  • Simple one-page dashboard
  • Habit tracker dashboard shows the days of the week, dates, and the habits you’re tracking
  • The “Days” property opens to a notes page to add comments 
  • Easy adding of rows at the bottom of the database (table)
  • Percentage can be changed to “Sum” 

Get Taylor Milliman’s Habit Tracker template here

9. Habit Tracker by Joash

Habit Tracker by Joash Free Notion Template

Building habits can be frustrating, especially if you’re having a rough patch. Rewards can help with the consistency you’re building. 

That is what Joash’s Habit Tracker template aims to do. Aside from daily habit monitoring, you can set milestones and even unlock rewards when you achieve them. 

You won’t have to dabble with pages of tables as the statistics are visually presented.


  • Aesthetic design for a visual representation of statistics
  • Entry section for easy adding of new habits
  • Calendar widget to easily see the days of a particular month
  • Habits section shows all the habits you’re building
  • Tracker section shows your progress with the habits you’re building
  • Overview section shows your habit progress visually through a pie chart
  • Calendar view shows your habit progress in a month
  • Milestones section shows the milestones you set and has completed
  • Rewards section lists the rewards you’re getting, including the ones already had
  • Self-Reflection section lists all the realizations you’ve made from tracking your habits

Get the Habit Tracker template by Joash here

10. Minimalist Habit Tracker

Minimalist Habit Tracker Free Notion Template

For those who prefer a minimalist approach to habit tracking, use Thomas Frank’s Minimalist Habit Tracker. As he describes it, it’s a worksheet-style tracker he made in Notion to track his habits weekly.

You can add a new sheet by clicking the “New Weekly Habit Tracker” and edit existing habits with the gear icon.


  • Minimalist worksheet-style database
  • New Weekly Habit Tracker section for easy adding of new tracking sheets weekly
  • Easy editing of current habits (only click the gear icon)
  • Checkboxes beside each item for easy ticking off once you’ve completed it
  • Week log toggle section shows quick links to every new weekly habit tracking sheet you add 
  • Calendar section allows for easy checking of each week’s start

Get the Minimalist Habit Tracker template by Thomas Frank here


Notion’s free habit tracker templates will help you achieve the good habits you want to have. With these user-friendly templates, it’s possible to create a habit-tracking system that will propel you to success.

Don’t wait any longer — start tracking and transform your habits now!

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