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Travel planning used to be a chaotic mess. Countless hours spent researching, multiple tabs open, and the overwhelming feeling of information overload.

Introducing the Notion Travel Planner, your ultimate solution for stress-free travel planning. With its powerful features and easy-to-use interface, it will revolutionize the way you plan your trips.

Imagine a travel planner that effortlessly organizes all your travel research, itineraries, reservations, finances and more in one place, as well as saves you precious time, energy and money.

Don’t let the chaos of travel planning hold you back from experiencing the joy of seamless adventures. Embrace the convenience of our Notion Travel Planner Template and unlock a world of stress-free travel. Take charge of your adventures and start planning with confidence today.

✧ What’s Included ✧

Research Page: Conduct in-depth research and comparisons for transportation, accommodation, and activities.

Itinerary Page: Plan your travel itinerary, create a full travel schedule, and explore other exciting places to visit.

Packing List Page: Prepare for your trip efficiently with dedicated packing lists for clothing, documents, electronics, medication, and toiletries.

Reservations Page: Manage transportation, accommodation, and activities bookings in one centralized location.

Finances Page: Gain a comprehensive financial overview of your trip, track your budget, and monitor all your travel expenses.

Journal Page: Capture your daily travel experiences and create a photo library to preserve your precious memories.

To-Do List Page: Stay organized with pre-travel, during-travel, and post-travel checklists.

Contacts Page: Save your all contacts in one place.

Bucket List Page: Keep a travel log of your adventures and create a bucket list for future wanderings.


How to Install the Travel Template?

➤ Purchase & Check your mail.
➤ Click the link in the email and open the Template 
➤ Duplicate the Template via “Duplicate” button on the top-right of the page.

What You Will Need to Use the Travel Template?

➤ A free Notion account 
➤ Basic knowledge of Notion 
➤ Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone to access Notion


⚠️The template is only for use on NOTION.
⚠️ NO REFUND. Because it is a DIGITAL PRODUCT. No physical items will be sent after purchase.
⚠️ The template is for personal use only. 
⚠️All Rights Reserved. It can NOT be distributed, sold or reproduced.

Notion Travel Planner Template - NotionDemy

Imagine a travel planner that organizes all your travel research, itineraries, reservations, finances in one place, as well as saves you time and money.

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