10 Best & Free Notion Travel Templates (2024)

Traveling to different places, especially the planning part, can be stressful. But if you’re a Notion user, various travel templates are available.

And, you won’t have to break the bank as there are free Notion travel templates for the taking — if you know where to look. 

The 10 Best & Free Notion Travel Templates 2023

1. Travel Schedule Template by Madison Blancaflor

Travel Schedule Template by Madison Blancaflor

Travel Schedule Template provides a straightforward view of one’s travel details. On just one page, you can peek at all details of your itinerary.

Plus, there is a Google Map integration allowing you to pin the places you want to visit. Details of the Airbnb or hotel you’re staying in are also available for easy access.


  • Straightforward design with a one-page layout
  • Travel Dates section shows the starting and end dates of your trip
  • How to Use section provides detailed instructions about how to use the template
  • Full Schedule database shows all trip details, including dates, locations, files, URLs, and notes
  • Full Schedule database can be easily switched to daily and calendar views for fine-tuning details
  • Map allows for putting pins on the locations you want to visit 
  • Main Contacts lists who to contact during the trip and the details of the hotel or Airbnb you’re staying

Get the Travel Schedule Template by Madison Blancaflor here

2. Notion Travel Templates — Simple Trip Planner

Notion Travel Templates — Simple Trip Planner

Doodables’ Simple Trip Planner prides itself on its simple dashboard design showing the overview of the most important trip details. 

No need to open different pages as the database and other related sections are found on only one page.


  • Simple, one-page dashboard design providing a quick overview of travel details
  • Menu section shows quick links to the databases in the travel planner 
  • Expenses database for easier tracking of travel-related expenses
  • Travel Memory page for journaling 
  • Trip Planner database for easier planning of travel itinerary
  • Packlist page for designation of items to be packed by each person (aside from personal effects and toiletries)
  • Language database for the organization of vital vocabulary for the trip
  • Travel Map allows for pinning of locations you want to visit
  • Task List database lists all tasks in checklist form for easier preparation monitoring
  • Photos Gallery for easy saving of pictures taken during your trip
  • Locations Gallery for saving notes about hotels, restaurants, and tourist spots you’ll visit

Get the Simple Trip Planner template here

3. Packing List

Packing List Free Notion Travel Template

Packing is one of the tasks related to travel that every person “hates” doing. If you’re a frequent traveler, this Packing List template is a must-have Notion travel template.

This template allows for easy viewing of the items needed for different outing types. Hence, you’ll spend lesser time trying to remember what to bring. 


  • One-page database showing the packing lists and status for each type of outing
  • Domestic database (which comes in hot and cold travel sections) lists the items you’ll need for domestic travel and the status of the packing
  • International database shows the status of packing for international trips
  • Camping database for easy monitoring of items to be packed for camping getaways
  • Can be further customized by adding new databases for more types of travel

Get the Packing List template here

4. Holiday Planner by Bas

Holiday Planner Free Notion Travel Template by Bas

Preparing for the trip can be tedious. But the Holiday Planner Template by Bas brings excitement for the upcoming trip as you can add photos for it. No need to check this template on a laptop as it is already optimized for viewing on Notion’s mobile app!


  • Aesthetic and mobile-friendly design
  • Travel Plan database shows the locations you’ll visit in table form
  • Travel Map allows for pinning of places you’re to drop into during your trip
  • Locations gallery lists all the travel notes you’re making for easy access
  • Photos (sightseeing gallery) section allows for easy adding of travel photos 
  • Expense tracker to list where you’re spending your travel fund
  • Packing list section for keeping track of items you’ll bring for the trip

Get the Holiday Planner travel template here

5. Voyage – A Travel Planner You Will Love

Voyage - A Travel Planner You Will Love Free Notion Travel Template

Amanda Wu’s Voyage Notion travel planner divides the travel planning tasks into three steps. Regardless of what type of travel you’re having, it allows for efficient planning, managing, and documenting of your travels.


  • Versatile and user-friendly design
  • Has a detailed step-by-step guide section for guiding users on how to use the template
  • Comes with a video tutorial to help you learn how to maximize the usage of this template 
  • Itinerary view shows your plans for each day of travel in the Kanban view
  • Set the Date view allows easy assigning of travel plans in the calendar
  • Bucket List view lists in Kanban view your plans for the upcoming trip
  • Budget view database for easy monitoring of travel-related expenses; properties can be formatted for changing of currency in Notion

Get the Voyage travel template by Amanda Wu here

6. Ultimate Travel Planner by Nnari

Ultimate Travel Planner by Nnari Free Notion Travel Template

The Ultimate Travel Planner template by Nnari is an all-in-one aesthetic travel planner every traveler must have. This is a great template to be used, especially for those who want detailed planning of their trip.


  • Aesthetic dashboard design
  • Trip Summary summarizes the trip details and your purpose for doing it
  • Notes & Reminders section for listing reminders and other side notes in checklist format
  • Research & Checklist houses all your trip notes in gallery view
  • Travel Accommodations note shows where you will stay for the trip
  • Sightseeing Checklist note lists all the places you’re planning to visit
  • Budget Tracker tracks your travel-related expenses
  • Packing Checklist for easy tracking of items needed for the trip
  • Documents & References allows easy embedding of travel documents in PDF format
  • Important section houses all notes about flight details, itinerary, and accommodation
  • Flight Details note shows your flight schedules, both for arrival and departure 
  • Itinerary Overview note shows a weekly overview of your trip’s itinerary
  • Itinerary by Day for easy planning of activities every hour of the day, with checkboxes in the table to tick off any item from the list
  • Accommodation note lists all the details of the hotel or Airbnb (rate/night, your total cost, and point person contact details)

Get the Ultimate Travel Planner template here

7. Travel Itinerary by Tom Littler

Travel Itinerary by Tom Littler Free Notion Travel Template

Tom Littler’s Travel Itinerary template in Notion is best for those who love visually planning their trips. It’s like a digital vision board of the places you’ll go to on your travel dates.

Aside from the Kanban view of the itinerary, there is also a weather widget added. That way, you can plan the best places to go about the weather forecast.


  • Weather widget to easily plan daily activities based on the weather forecast
  • Comes with a YouTube video tutorial to guide users on how best to use the template
  • Travel itinerary board for visual planning of activities
  • Activity pages to add detailed notes on the places you’ll visit
  • Can be switched to the table view to list your travel expenses and the exact travel dates your planned activities fall into

Get the Travel Itinerary template by Tom Littler here

8. Vacation Planner by Daniel Langewisch

Vacation Planner by Daniel Langewisch Free Notion Travel Template

The Vacation Planner template is best for travelers who want to see all the travel details in a single dashboard. This travel template is divided into different sections, including a checklist, calendar, schedule, and file upload section.


  • One-page customizable dashboard design 
  • Travel Summary section shows when the travel dates are, what kind of travel you’re having, and who your companions are
  • Checklist for listing your travel packing essentials or as a to-do list 
  • Schedule database organizes your travel agenda or itinerary in table format
  • Calendar shows your “Schedule” database entries in the calendar view
  • Info section allows you to upload essential travel documents or research
  • Map section for the embedding of Google Maps, allowing you to pin planned sightseeing locations

Get Daniel Langewisch’s Vacation Planner template here

9. Travel Journal

Travel Journal Free Notion Travel Template

The Organized Notebook’s Travel Journal template is great for people who want to keep track of all their travels. Whether the place is one you have already visited or still planning to go to, this free Notion travel template allows for the easy adding of entries. 

This template also has a section dedicated for logging your travel memories.


  • Traveler-friendly design (any traveler can use this)
  • Instructions section to guide users on how to add new travel entries
  • Has a YouTube video guide for visual learning of how to use the template
  • The Main View of the template is subdivided into the “Travel Destinations” section and the “My Trips” section
  • Travel Destinations sections list all travel destinations in “Upcoming,” “Visited,” “Wishlist,” and “All” filters
  • Gallery cards come with current weather and map widgets to track weather forecasts and pin locations
  • Resources section for easy jotting down of local phrases, books, movies, YouTube videos, and travel articles
  • Trips & Relevant Research section (gallery card) to easily track research related to your upcoming trip
  • My Trips database for easier monitoring of all the travels made; comes with “Travel Schedule,” “To-Do list,” “Packing List,” ‘Budget Tracker,” “Important Documents,” and “Memory Journal” sections

Get The Organized Notebook’s Travel Journal template here

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10. Travel Planner by Notion

Travel Planner by Notion

Definitely not the least among the best free travel templates is Notion’s Travel Planner. Notion’s aim for this template is to simplify the travel planning process while not missing out on a single detail.

Hence, you can now focus on anticipating the upcoming adventure.


  • Simple design
  • To-Do database shows the persons in charge of the different areas of travel planning (booking flights, hotel reservation, itinerary, activities, and packing list) and their due dates
  • Book Activities toggle entry lists all the activities booked for the upcoming trip
  • Packing List toggle lists all items needed for the trip (ticked off through checkboxes
  • Itenary (Itinerary) database lists the trip’s activity details (name of the activity, date, location, and additional notes)
  • Photo Wall for easy collaging of photos taken during the trip

Get Notion’s Travel Planner template here


Free travel templates in Notion revolutionize how we plan and experience our various adventures. With customization options and time-saving features, organizing a trip is now effortless.

So say goodbye to the stress and the chaos and hello to unforgettable journeys with the seamless travel planning that Notion’s travel templates bring.

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