10 Free & Aesthetic Notion Daily Planner Templates 2024

Do you have a chaotic schedule every day? Feel like you’re drowning in a sea of unfinished tasks and missed appointments? If this is your daily struggle, create your daily planner in Notion.

But to make a daily planner that fits your needs but not start from scratch, use a template instead. Yet, there’s no need to pay for a single cent as there are good quality Notion templates that are free.

The 10 Best Free Daily Planner Notion Templates 2023

1. Notion Daily Planner

Notion Daily Planner

Don’t stray too far from Notion, as a team of this productivity tool’s creators (Notionland) have created this daily planner template. This will be your ultimate daily to-do list companion that will declutter your schedule and task list.


  • Intuitive design is perfect for busy people looking to optimize their everyday workflow
  • Daily task list for easy adding and prioritization of everyday tasks
  • Task calendar for planning tasks and being updated on upcoming tasks
  • Habit tracker for keeping track of your progress with new habits

Get the Notion Daily Planner template here

2. Ella’s Daily Planner

Ella’s Daily Planner

Aesthetics shouldn’t be sacrificed when using a daily planner. Ella’s daily planner screams of girl power (pink-themed) as its target market are women. This template comes with helpful side-by-side sections to see all tasks at a glance.


  • Aesthetic design 
  • Pre-planning timetable for detailed planning of tasks
  • Weather widget for easier tracking of weather forecasts
  • Goal tracker for keeping track of any goals set to better your lifestyle
  • Important list helps in the prioritization of events for the day
  • Can add notes in a list format along with images

Get Ella’s Daily Planner template here

3. Daily Planner – Plan Your Life

Daily Planner - Plan Your Life

Severin Schuetz’s Daily Planner – Plan Your Life template is a one-page dashboard planner that allows for hourly planning of your daily tasks. 


  • Day is divided into hourly blocks for detailed task planning
  • Highlight block to add priority tasks
  • Tasks to do block for adding daily tasks in checklist form
  • Habits checklist to easily tick off accomplished habits for the day
  • Goals block for listing targets for the day 

Get Daily Planner – Plan Your Life template here

4. Daily Planner by Ayeshamall0904

Daily Planner by Ayeshamall0904

Ayesha’s Daily Planner template is refreshing to the eyes with the green tones used throughout the pages. This is very helpful in diffusing anxiety and invites harmony throughout your daily grind.


  • Aesthetic and refreshing green-themed design
  • Comes with a video tutorial to show how this daily planner template is used
  • Main page with a 12-month overview for easier navigation and planning
  • Weekly layouts for advanced weekly planning at a glance
  • Daily to-do lists that open from its dedicated space (sticky notes) for easy jotting down of tasks, reminders, and tasks and keeping you focused 

Get Yeesha’s Daily Planner template here

5. Daily Planner Template by Chris Alderson

Daily Planner Template by Chris Alderson

Chris Alderson’s simple daily planner template helps you start your day on a positive note. Not only will you be able to tick off your morning rituals and jot down to-do lists, but you can also journal and reflect at the end of the day.


  • Customizable template by adding a new day to the “Days” database
  • Comprehensive 1-page view of all needed information for the day
  • Centralized location for daily goals, tasks, reminders, and appointments
  • Quickly identify priority tasks and their progress with color coding, progress bars, icons 
  • Get your morning ritual list to start your day right
  • The “If you only had one thing complete today” block helps you start the day with positive thinking
  • Write down hopes for the day in the “Journal” section
  • Daily habits to ensure you’re staying track of your habit-making efforts
  • Meetings for easy preparation and taking down notes during a meeting
  • Reflection for easy visualization of how your day went and what you have achieved

Get Chris Alderson’s Daily Planner template here

6. Daily Planner of Highly Effective People

Daily Planner of Highly Effective People

Mr. Equation’s daily planner template applies the principles of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey.

Aside from prioritizing and scheduling tasks, this template helps your personal growth and understanding of commitments and plans for self-improvement.


  • Clean design
  • Chasing dreams for setting goals no matter your profession
  • Sharpen the saw for achieving goals in different life areas: physical, mental, spiritual, and social
  • Today’s priorities + schedule list priority tasks and scheduled tasks throughout the day at a glance

Get Daily Planner of Highly Effective People here

7. Cozy Corner

Cozy Corner

Cozy Corner aims to help anyone seeking to put structure into their day. It comes with different sections for daily planning, class management, brainstorming goals, and reflecting on accomplishments.


  • Aesthetic design
  • Daily tasks for quickly jotting down to-do lists for that day
  • Monthly goals for setting priority tasks or goals for that specific month
  • Clock widget to easily track time
  • Academic section for school-related tasks and class schedules 
  • Life section to write your monthly reflections, goals, and wishlist while listening to your Spotify playlist
  • YouTube for organizing content creation tasks
  • Finances to keep track of cashflow
  • Self section for reading affirmations and looking at your vision board
  • Year Planner for setting yearly goals, assigning daily repetitive tasks, and checking the progress of weekly habits

Get the Cozy Corner daily planner template here

8. A Productive Notion Daily Planner

A Productive Notion Daily Planner

Jeff Su comes up with a new and improved version of his Notion weekly planner after getting tired of adding a new page each week for 2 years. 


  • Seamless archiving of past weekly tasks and adding of new daily tasks by shifting views
  • Flexible to easily move tasks around the different sections
  • Weather widget from Indify tracks weather forecasts for 3 days 
  • Make Time database keeps track of highlights for the day (what you’re thankful for and what you want to let go)
  • Projects update you on any ongoing projects 
  • Upcoming tasks show a 7-day view of any upcoming tasks (related to the “Project” database)
  • Daily Tasks to list all the tasks for the day
  • For Tomorrow shows all tasks to be completed the next day
  • The Vault keeps all the related Notion page databases where the home page sections are based from

Get A Productive Notion Daily Planner template here

9. Daily Planner by Eva Bijokova

Daily Planner by Eva Bijokova

This particular daily planner template helps people keep track of their routines and goals in one dashboard while working. Eva’s Daily Planner also encourages you to take care of yourself without missing any tasks for school or work.


  • Aesthetic and feminine design
  • Daily schedule in hourly blocks for easy tracking of tasks
  • Self care to add your daily journals and self-care ideas
  • Self Study to quickly access your school or meeting notes
  • Tasks show a checklist of recurring tasks or habits
  • School, work incorporates productivity tools like the Pomodoro timer and Flowtime study timer
  • To-Do lists all your to-do lists for the day
  • So Much More in Life widget shows the percentage progress of the year, month, week, and day

Get Eva Bijokova’s Daily Planner template here

10. Akiflow Daily Planner

Akiflow Daily Planner

Though simple in design, Akiflow’s daily planner is effective in making sure you do all the tasks needed for the day. You can also easily switch between board and calendar views without leaving the page.


  • Simple and minimalist design
  • Easy switching from board to calendar views with all the checkboxes visible on the calendar 
  • Things to be done this week lists ongoing and upcoming tasks for the week
  • Can choose the priority of the tasks based on the tags added
  • Can quickly change the status of the task from still for, ongoing, or done

Get the Akiflow Daily Planner template here

What Makes a Good Notion Daily Planner?

Whether you choose to avail of the free Notion templates above or pay for one, some features make them align with their intended purpose. 

Not all features need to be present in a single template, but these are what people think make a good daily planner.

1. Task Management 

This refers to the efficient listing and organizing of tasks to improve productivity

2. Calendar Integration

This means that whatever tasks or events you have listed will be synchronized with existing calendar schedules.

If the daily planner template you love lacks this feature, you can always add a calendar to it.

3. Time Blocking

Time blocking means the ability to assign time slots for specific tasks. This ultimately helps in increasing your focus and time management skills.

4. Notifications and Reminders

So you won’t miss a single event or task, a good daily planner reminds you of what you’re supposed to do with notifications. These notifications should be timely as well.

5. Goal Tracking

After setting your goals for the day, week, month, or even year, you can keep track of your progress at a glance.

This way, you become more motivated to keep working on your goals, so you can tag them as “Goals Met.”

6. Habit Tracking

Aside from goals, there are also habits that you want to learn and incorporate into your daily life. Like how you can track your goals, a good daily planner also tracks habits and help you establish routines around them.

7. Customization Options

Though templates are pre-made, a good one should allow the option to make them more personalized. 

Users should be able to easily customize the planner layout, as well as its sections and design elements, to suit their preferences. 

8. Collaboration

This feature allows you to invite people from your team or family to see and even add tasks and events to your daily planner. This allows for better coordination and a smooth transition of tasks every single day.

9. Accessible to Mobile Devices

Not all people have access to computers. And, it would be a hassle to constantly bring a laptop or sit in front of a PC just to check your daily planner. 

Hence, a good daily planner should have a responsive design, allowing easy access and adding more plans on the go.


Free daily planner Notion templates allow users to take control of their busy schedules. With their adaptability and versatility, these templates become your convenient and efficient ally in optimizing your daily routines.

What are you waiting for? Experience enhanced productivity and do more with customizable and user-friendly tools.

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