10 Best & Free Notion Widgets – Aesthetic (2024)

Creating workspaces in Notion helps supercharge your productivity. But to take your productivity one notch higher, add the best and free Notion widgets you can find.

Without shelling out a dime, you can do everything you need to do within your Notion workspace.

10 Free Notion Widgets

1. Minimalist Calendar

Minimalist Calendar Best and Free Notion Widgets

A calendar is one of the most basic Notion widgets you should embed in your workspace. And, if you want a calendar with an aesthetic feel, the Notion Widget: Calendar is what you should use.

Aside from its calming purple color, it tells you the date without clutter. You see what you get. The best part is that you can change the color of this calendar by changing certain occurrences in its source code.


  • Aesthetic yet minimalist calendar widget design
  • Customizable color by changing occurrences in its source code

Get the Minimalist Calendar widget here

2. Animal Crossing New Horizons Hourly Music, Timer, & To-Do List 

Animal Crossing New Horizons Hourly Music, Timer, & To-Do List Best and Free Notion Widgets

Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) fans who also love listening to music on a separate Spotify playlist embed would love this widget. 

Aside from cute GIFs of the ACNH characters, you also get to listen to Animal Crossing-themed music while keeping track of the date and time.

You can even layer rain sound effects if you like. Plus, it comes with a to-do list and timer for you to focus on what you are studying or doing.

Note: Expand the widget’s frame to reveal the “To-Do list” button below the music player.


  • Aesthetic Animal Crossing-themed widget
  • Comes with three tools in one widget — a music player, timer, and to-do list
  • GIF cover shows cute images of Animal Crossing characters along with the date and time
  • Music player for streaming Animal Crossing-themed music hourly; you can layer rain sounds by clicking the “Rain” button
  • To-Do list for adding tasks you need to do for the day; you can tick off tasks once done
  • Timer for adding time limits to the tasks in the “To-Do list” section; comes with 5-minute, 15-minute, and 30-minute timers

Get the ACNH Hourly Music, Timer & To-Do widget here

3. Weather Widget by Indify

Weather Widget by Indify Best and Free Notion Widgets

Looking at the weather forecast has never become more fun and aesthetic not until you use the Weather Widget made by Indify. 

Not only can you track the weather anywhere in the world, but you can also select the units of measurement.

Plus, you can make the widget show up to 7 days of forecast and customize its color with hex codes. Note, though, that you have to log in to your Indify account to customize and copy the widget’s embed code.


  • Aesthetic and fun widget design
  • Location can be selected in the “Weather Location” section
  • Measurement units can be selected in the “Preferred Units” section
  • Can choose up to 7 days of weather forecast to be shown in the widget
  • Icons can be animated and displayed in greyscale
  • Color of the weather widget can be customized using hex codes
  • Dark mode available

Get Indify’s Weather Widget here

4. Daily Aesthetic Quote Widget by Flocus

Daily Aesthetic Quote Widget by Flocus Best and Free Notion Widgets

To add inspiration to your day, add the Daily Quote Widget by Flocus to your Notion workspace. You are guaranteed to get fresh quotes with aesthetic backgrounds daily.

The best part is? You only have to embed the widget’s link to your Notion workspace after checkout (of course, it’s $0).


  • Aesthetic quotes Notion widget
  • Comes with several background theme options
  • Various quote categories are available
  • Quotes are refreshed daily 
  • Can be adjusted to fit different block sizes

Get Flocus’ Quote Widget for Notion here

5. Simple Countdown

Simple Countdown Best and Free Notion Widgets

No need to count the days till the new year if you have Apption’s Simple Countdown. After pasting its embed link, you get an automatic countdown timer

If you have other deadlines that you want to use this countdown timer for, go to Apption’s DIY Embed URL. This is where you can paste the customized source HTML code and generate an embedable URL.


  • Colorful blocks used to display countdown
  • Countdown displays the “Days,” “Hours,” “Minutes,” and “Seconds” left before the target date
  • Widget’s source code can be customized to change the blocks’ color and the date set 

Get the Simple Countdown widget here

6. Life Progress Bar by Indify

Life Progress Bar by Indify Best and Free Notion Widgets

Another great countdown timer widget that you can add to your Notion workspace is Indify’s Life Progress Bar. 

No more manual creation of progress bars to count down the days left until the new year. Simply customize the look of the progress bars and the bars you’d like to show, and embed the widget’s link to your workspace.

 But again, before you embed this widget in your workspace, make sure you have an account in Indify. 


  • Customizable progress bars
  • “Years you expect to live” can be set to any number you wish
  • Bars (Year, Month, Week, Day, Quarter, and Life) can be shown or not by clicking on the toggles
  • Numbers on each progress bar can be shown as integers (whole number percentages), decimals, and fractions
  • First day of the week can be set from “Saturday”, “Sunday”, or “Monday”
  • Background color can be changed through color hex codes

Get Indify’s Life Progress Bar widget here

7. Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder Best and Free Notion Widgets

If you’re a student and can’t find the perfect Notion planner for students for you, add the Schedule Builder widget. 

But before you embed it in your workspace, create the schedule table on the “Free Online Schedule Maker” website first.

Once done, click “Share/Save” to copy and paste your schedule calendar to Notion. This works similarly to how you add or embed other calendars like Google Calendar in Notion. 


  • Customizable calendar schedule widget
  • Time blocks can be color-coded to spot different tasks
  • Time blocks also come with descriptions and titles to know what that particular task is about
  • Background of the calendar can be changed to your favorite color or image

Get the Schedule Builder widget by Apption here

8. Whiteboard Widget

Whiteboard Widget Best and Free Notion Widgets

Whether you are a student or a simple Notion user wanting to draw within the tool, Whiteboard has got you on this. From freehand drawing to inputting text, Whiteboard allows you to do everything related to writing.

And, like any drawing tool, you can click “Eraser” to remove past drawings or written text added. If you prefer a shortcut, just click “Undo.” 

The biggest win? Whiteboard is incredibly responsive on Notion!

Note: Visit and create an account on the Witeboard website first to create your own board.


  • Responsive whiteboard widget 
  • Allows freehand writing and text input
  • Highlight colors can be changed
  • The cursor can be switched to “Pencil,” “Line,” “Text,” and “Eraser” tools
  • Note section for listing of notes related to the monthly plans you made
  • Reflection section for jotting down your insights for the month

Get the Whiteboard Widget here

9. Water Tracker by Blocs

Water Tracker by Blocs Best and Free Notion Widgets

Habit tracking can be dull if you only add checkboxes to tick them off. If you have an account in Blocs, embed the Water Tracker widget for a more fun way of tracking how much water you drank.

Just select the “Up” and “Down” arrow buttons to input your intake. Then see how the water level rises inside the circle.


  • Aesthetic water tracker widget
  • Up and down arrow buttons to input your water intake
  • Animated water inside the circle for a fun way of seeing your progress toward your water intake goals
  • Can be switched between “Light” and “Dark” modes

Get the Water Tracker widget by Blocs here

10. Moon Phase Widget

Moon Phase Widget Best and Free Notion Widgets

Whether you’re tracking the moon’s movements or studying how its phases affect your energy levels, the Moon Phase widget has got it for you. 

You also get other real-time information about the current lunar phase if you click on it.

But first, get the widget’s HTML code and generate an embeddable Notion URL before adding it to your workspace. 


  • Customizable, real-time lunar widget
  • Clips toggle menu for easy saving of links and other research materials you may have
  • The look of the lunar widget can be customized by toggling on the options in the “Configuration” section of the website
  • Other information about the moon can be viewed by clicking on the Moon Phase widget on your Notion workspace 

Get the Moon Phase widget here

Bonus Widget: One-Minute Meditation 

One-Minute Meditation Best and Free Notion Widgets

If you want to practice meditation, Pixel Thoughts has the right tool for you — the One-Minute Meditation widget. 

Watch your most pressing worry shrink and disappear into the universe after putting it in the star. You’ll be more in the mood during the meditation as soothing background music accompanies your deep breathing exercise.


  • Animated widget
  • Easy input of the most pressing stressor in the star
  • The star shrinks into a speckle in the universe after clicking the “Done” button
  • Instructions for deep breathing play as the star shrinks
  • Soothing background music played as you take deep breaths for sixty seconds (1 minute)

Get Pixel Thoughts’ One-Minute Meditation widget here


With these best and free Notion widgets, you have a powerhouse of tools right at your fingertips. Whether you want to spice up your workspace or boost your task management, these widgets are more than enough to back you up!

So level up your Notion game and conquer your productivity goals with these Notion widgets!

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