The 10 Best Notion Courses in 2024 (Free and Paid)

Learning to use a new productivity tool like Notion can be a headache. Thankfully, there are tons of available courses that will help you unlock Notion’s full potential.

Hence, we’ll show you 10 of the best Notion courses available that can propel you to A-level mastery of this versatile productivity tool.

10 Best Notion Courses — Paid and Free 

1. Notion Academy

Notion Academy Best Notion Courses

The best way to learn how to use a tool is to check out the official guides and help pages of that tool. Hence, the best way to get to know Notion is to check Notion Academy.

Whether you’re a complete newbie or a big enterprise, Notion Academy will make learning Notion a cinch for you. 

The big plus with this course is that the lessons are in video form and are grouped by use-case. This way, you can start a learning pathway based on your needs.


  • Comprehensive Notion tutorial 
  • Can be accessed by any Notion user regardless of account type (free or paid)
  • Videos are arranged according to your role or use-case
  • Comes with curated learning pathways based on how you’ll use Notion

Check out Notion Academy here

2. Notion’s Official YouTube Channel

Notion’s Official YouTube Channel Best Notion Courses

If you prefer learning Notion as the “issue” arises, then watching the videos on Notion’s YouTube channel is best for you. 

But aside from the short videos, you can also get insights from different groups. From experts, the marketing team, user education teams, and customers, they offer feedback and advice on how Notion helped them streamline their workflow.


  • Uses short and snappy videos to address common problems in using Notion
  • People from different groups and Notion experts offer insights on how the tool helped them
  • More direct-to-the-issue approach

Visit Notion’s Official YouTube channel here

3. The Unofficial Notion Guide: Beginner to Advanced by Easlo

The Unofficial Notion Guide_ Beginner to Advanced by Easlo Best Notion Courses

Though unofficial, Easlo’s Notion Guide offers 35 YouTube tutorials covering topics ranging from beginner to advanced levels. 

As the course description says, you can save 100+ hours of researching by getting hold of this course.


  • Clean interface
  • Courses categorized according to levels — Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Comes with a “Bonus” section for template creation courses
  • Each lesson is a quick link that opens to a side peek page featuring the relevant YouTube video tutorial
  • Progress with the different course levels can be seen as percentages beside the “Category levels”

Check out Easlo’s The Unofficial Notion Guide: Beginner to Advanced Course here

4. Notion Mastery Course by Marie Poulin

Notion Mastery Course by Marie Poulin Best Notion Courses

Marie Poulin’s Notion Mastery is best for people who are into project management and entrepreneurship. Whether you’re an individual or working on a team, this course has got it for you.

And, if you want to learn more about how Notion databases work — linking, merging, duplicating — Marie can teach you all the tricks to the trade. 

Aside from the course, you also get comprehensive templates so there’s no need to start creating one from scratch. 

But the biggest value you get in this course is the community and the support team who will assist you in learning this productivity tool.


  • All-in-one Notion course
  • Topics are made for both individuals and teams
  • Detailed walkthrough on how to use Notion to develop your own system
  • All-inclusive templates focus more on perfecting your workflow rather than designing them
  • Access to the community, workshops, walkthroughs, events, and private office hours 
  • Support team to help you with understanding the concepts of using Notion as a tool

Get Marie Poulin’s Notion Mastery Course here

5. William Nutt’s Notion A-to-Z

William Nutt’s Notion A-to-Z Best Notion Courses

If you want to learn how to use Notion and prepare for certification, take the Notion A-to-Z course by William Nutt. 

Though this course still covers the basics, it’s more focused on mastery of daunting yet powerful features. These include relations, rollups, formulas, API integrations, third-party tools, and more.

Aside from the video lessons, your knowledge is also tested with quizzes. You’ll also have access to William Nutt’s Bulletproof Workspace, a template designed for entrepreneurs and freelancers.


  • Comprehensive and interactive course geared towards preparing you for certification
  • Access to the Bulletproof Workspace template designed for entrepreneurs and freelancers
  • Comes with exercises, quizzes, and a Q&A bank to further test your knowledge with Notion
  • An in-depth guide to using Notion’s powerful features (rollups, relations, formulas, API integration, etc.)

Get the Notion A-to-Z Course by William Nutt here

6. Notion Masterclass by Ali Abdaal

Notion Masterclass by Ali Abdaal Best Notion Courses

For those planning to use Notion to streamline their small team’s workflow, Ali Abdaal’s Notion Masterclass is the best course for you. 

Aside from tackling Notion basics, this course also discusses how to use databases, templates, formulas, and widgets

Bonus materials like links to Ali’s Skillshare resources and free Notion templates are also included.


  • Beginner and small teams friendly Notion course
  • Features 24 lessons (1 hour 45 minutes total)
  • Additional videos explaining Thomas Frank’s, Angus’ Content Production Engine, and August Bradley’s Notion Setups are also added
  • Bonus materials like links to Skillshare resources and free Notion templates are included
  • Use of the Resonance Calendar is also included in a separate video

Enroll in Ali Abdaal’s Notion Masterclass here

7. Introduction to Notion for Creative Projects by Frances Odera Matthews

Introduction to Notion for Creative Projects by Frances Odera Matthews Best Notion Courses

Notion isn’t only for people in the business sector. Even creatives can take advantage of this productivity tool and streamline their workflow. 

Whether you create a personalized profile, a blog, or a community page, Frances Odera’s Introduction to Notion for Creative Projects is your best pick.

Aside from the 3 hours worth of lessons, you also get 18 exercises to practice what you’ve learned. This way, you’re more confident to use Notion in creating designs that align with your creative objectives.


  • Informative and immersive course
  • Comes with 17 self-paced lessons and 14 downloads
  • 18 exercises are available to practice the new concepts that you’ve learned in using Notion
  • Unlimited access to the lessons
  • Comes with a certificate at the end of the course

Enroll in Frances Odera Matthews’ Introduction to Notion for Creative Projects Course here

8. Fundamentals Notion Course by Thomas Frank

Fundamentals Notion Course by Thomas Frank Best Notion Courses

If you want an in-depth and updated Notion course without paying a single dime, Thomas Franks’ Fundamentals Notion Course is for you. 

Though Thomas aims to help beginner Notion users, his course also explains some advanced topics. Some of these topics include building a task manager, Notion API, and recurring tasks. 

More of these Notion-related topics are on his “Thomas Frank Explains” YouTube channel.


  • Free Notion course
  • Comprehensive, beginner-friendly, and up-to-date Notion tutorials
  • Basic concepts in Notion are discussed thoroughly per lesson
  • Video lessons are grouped by difficulty level
  • Notion templates are also available for free

Get Thomas Frank’s Fundamentals Notion Course here

9. Your Notion Beginner’s Guide: Quick Start by Francesco D’Alessio

Your Notion Beginner’s Guide_ Quick Start by Francesco D’Alessio Best Notion Courses

Before you can create templates for budget and habit-tracking, you have to master Notion’s basic functions and features. And, if you don’t want to spend too much time, Francesco D’Alessio’s Notion Beginner’s Guide is for you to watch.

Though this course is perfect for beginners, it doesn’t skimp on the details. From setting up your Notion account to importing data from Slack, Asana, and Trello, Francesco will walk you through each of these concepts. 

Francesco also has a YouTube channel, “Keep Productive,” talking about anything about Notion.


  • Comprehensive and beginner-friendly Notion course
  • Comes with 24 tutorials (4 hours worth)
  • Explains in full detail how Notion is used — from sign up to creation of databases
  • Talks about the 6 flaws of Notion

Enroll in Francesco D’Alessio’s Your Notion Beginner’s Guide: Quick Start course here

10. Notion Interactive Course by Artem

Notion Interactive Course by Artem Best Notion Courses

For kinesthetic learners who want to learn how to use Notion, Artem’s Notion Interactive Course can help you out. This course is unique in that you learn and master using Notion’s features by doing the tasks yourselves.

Plus, you get to see your progress as progress bars. You have to pay a fee though, but it’s your ticket to improving your skills with using Notion.


  • Best for beginners and kinesthetic learners
  • Interactive Notion course; supports a “learning by doing” type of tutorial
  • The course includes 200 exercises on 36 topics
  • Every exercise has a solution explained through screencasts which you can check if you find it difficult to solve a particular exercise
  • Has a mini-course containing 4 topics that you can try out before signing up for the full course

Enroll in Artem’s Notion Interactive Course here


With these 10 best Notion courses, you’re now able to master using this indispensable productivity tool. This way, you’re more equipped to streamline your productivity further by maximizing Notion’s full potential.

So, dive your way into these best Notion courses to have a workflow that exceeds expectations now!

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