10 Best & Free Notion Workout Templates

Keeping track of your fitness goals and exercise routines can be tedious. Others even end up not reaching their goals as they can’t see their progress.

But with free Notion workout templates, no need to hassle yourself with tracking your workout routines.

10 Best Free Notion Workout Templates for 2023

1. Exercises & Workout Log 

Exercises & Workout Log Free Notion Workout Templates

This template makes tracking your exercise and workouts easier as all databases — Mobility, Strength Training, and Cardio are seen on a single page. You only have to open the toggle menu to view them.

Each database is linked to a main exercise database to create new workout entries. You can add their relevant details, including rest periods.


  • Single-page workout template for easy viewing of entries
  • Databases are hidden in toggle menus to hide and view them at will
  • Workout Log shows recent and past workouts in three different sections — Strength Training, Cardio, and Mobility
  • Personal Records show your personal bests in the same three sections as the Workout Log database
  • Primary Databases section for easy viewing and a full view of all workouts and pertinent data at once

Get the Exercises & Workout Log template here

2. Fitness Calendar 

Fitness Calendar Free Notion Workout Templates

If you’re looking for a dashboard Notion template for easy scheduling your workouts, adding notes, and tracking progress, the Fitness Calendar template is for you. 

Linked to the main Calendar template are the five master databases for adding notes, scheduling workouts, and tracking progress. You can customize it to fit your needs, depending on how you filter those databases in the journal.


  • Customizable dashboard template for fitness-related data
  • Explanation section explains why the Fitness Calendar is designed that way
  • How to Use section explains how to use the template 
  • How It Works section for a quick discussion of how best to use the template
  • Quick Links section for easy access to the five template pages linked to the main Workout Calendar
  • Day View section shows the Workout Calendar entries daily
  • Weekly View section shows the Workout Calendar entries weekly
  • Monthly View sections show the Workout Calendar entries in a monthly calendar view
  • Workout Calendar page for easy creation of a new page in the “Scheduling” view; comes with a “Review Notes” section to view your daily workout notes
  • Strength Routines page lists all possible powerlifting and strength routines you can do, including the number of reps per set
  • Conditioning page shows the different conditioning exercises you can do, with details about the number of circuits per exercise; categorized with the help of Notion tags
  • Classes page shows all the exercise classes you’re attending
  • Cardio page shows all the cardio exercises you’re doing, including information on the number of circuits for each exercise

Get the Fitness Calendar template here

3. Ultimate Workout System

Ultimate Workout System Free Notion Workout Templates

If you’re into resistance training, use Simone Smerilli’s Ultimate Workout System. Aside from tracking your weight-lifting exercise progress, you can also plan your workout sessions.

Aside from the central hub for easy viewing of workout sessions, a navigation panel is present to make it easier to jump to a specific database. 

Essential information about fitness, workout, and nutrition are also added to make you aware of their effect on your workout. This way, you can build the consistency you need to become successful.


  • Aesthetic dashboard-style Notion workout template
  • Navigation Panel for easy visiting of specific databases in the system
  • Today’s Training Session shows your workout for the day; derived from the Periodization Calendar 
  • Periodization Calendar for easy choosing of days to commit to running the training program
  • Full Training Program shows the full resistance training plan; preferably not to be edited
  • Why section explains why the Ultimate Workout System was made
  • What section shows what the template includes
  • How section shows how you can achieve your resistance training goals
  • A section that shows the key collection of concepts related to fitness and how to use the template
  • Full Training Program page shows the entire training plan in table form with categorization tags on the focus of each exercise
  • Calendar view of the Full Training Program to select the days to do each exercise; explains how to add dates to your training sessions
  • Workout folders easily link to what exercises for each day
  • Nutrition page shows in a pie chart the proportion of nutrients you should be taking, including mental models, a picture of the nutrition hierarchy, and additional resources about nutrition

Get Simone Smerilli’s Ultimate Workout System template here

4. At-Home Workouts

At-Home Workouts Free Notion Workout Templates

If you don’t have the time to go to the gym or attend certain exercise classes, then do your workout at home. But to avoid slacking, use Notion advocate, Red Gregory’s At-Home Workouts template. 

This template aims to make the planning and tracking of your monthly fitness accomplishments easier. It contains different simple at-home workouts. A simple weight loss tracker is also included.

The best part? You don’t need equipment or weights for the workouts, only your body weight.


  • Simple Notion workout template armed with general tracking properties 
  • Easy adding of own workouts by clicking the 3-dot icon on the upper right corner of the database
  • How It Works section provides a link to detailed instructions about how to use the template
  • At-Home Workouts Calendar view shows the exercises you’re doing each day in a month
  • At-Home Workouts Table view for tracking of body checks and categorization of your training status per day
  • Weight Loss property shows how much weight you’ve lost throughout the training

Get the Red Gregory’s At-Home Workouts template here

5. Health & Fitness Tracker by Yuhna

Health & Fitness Tracker by Yuhna Free Notion Workout Templates

Having a hard time staying motivated with your workout sessions? Yuhna’s aesthetic and free Health & Fitness Tracker template can help.

This template has a weekly tracker for adding custom workouts regardless of type. You can also log your meals and other details related to the exercise on the calendar.

You will also see your progress with your exercise regimen as the template also comes with a workout diary.


  • Aesthetic fitness dashboard design
  • How to Use Weekly Fitness Tracker section explains in detail what you’ll do after finishing a week’s worth of workouts and editing the activities
  • Add a New Week button allows for weekly tracking of your progress (as star rating), starting weight (lbs and kg), activity tags, and measurements
  • Quotes section for additional motivation in pursuing your exercise schedule
  • Archives section in gallery view for easy storing of weekly progress notes after completing workout sessions
  • Daily Journal in calendar view for journaling of workouts and meals; inclusive of two template formats
  • Meal Tracker for easy logging of your intake for three (or more!) meals a day; includes calorie, carb, fat, protein, and water intake sections
  • Workout template to take note of the duration, distance, weight, reps, sets, and the number of calories burned for activities done
  • Workout Diary for tracking your body’s progress (includes your goal, the date you started and achieved a specific goal, workouts, and weight details)

Get Yuhna’s Health & Fitness Tracker template here

6. Ultimate Workout Planner by Osama

Ultimate Workout Planner by Osama Free Notion Workout Templates

Workout planning need not be complicated. Osama’s Ultimate Workout Planner is not only minimalistic; it is also comprehensive for easy creation of personalized fitness plans.

It also comes with various databases for easy logging and tracking of exercises, progress, and schedule of workouts. This allows any user of this template to achieve their fitness goals.


  • Minimalistic design
  • Navigation Panel for easy viewing of different sections in the template
  • Muscles section shows all the details (weight, status, and body location) of the various target muscles in gallery view
  • Workout Tasks to show which workout-related tasks you haven’t started yet, are in progress and done
  • Workout Goals section in Kanban and table view for easy addition of workout goals for each quarter
  • Progress Chart visually shows the user his progress for the different workout goals he set
  • Weekly Training Program shows your target muscles, meals, and other workout-related details each day of the week
  • Meal Planner helps manage your meals and track the calories you’re taking during the training period in Kanban view
  • Workouts section shows the exercise details for each target muscle in Kanban view; can also be switched to a tabular view

Get Osama’s Ultimate Workout Planner template here

7. Workout Hub

Workout Hub Free Notion Workout Templates

Another simple yet functional Notion workout template for easy tracking of milestones, goals, and records is The Workout Hub. You can easily plan your daily workouts as each section is clearly defined. 


  • Minimalistic template design
  • Workouts database shows the exercise you made on a particular date, its intensity, and type
  • Max Lift toggle lists the lifts you’re doing
  • Mile Stones toggle lists the milestones you have achieved in various fitness activities (running, gym, sport)
  • Goals toggle for easy adding of fitness goals using the checkboxes in this section
  • ½ Runs section shows your running time (in currency format for an aesthetic tracking of time) and the date it was done

Get the Workout Hub template here

8. Workout Dashboard by Kirbie Pillette

Workout Dashboard by Kirbie Pillette Free Notion Workout Templates

Gymgoers would love using Kirbie Pillette’s Workout Dashboard for tracking workout history and exercises within the master workouts. This template is based on the Orange Theory but can be customized to fit your needs.


  • Minimalistic template design
  • Instructions section explains why the template was made and how you can use the template according to your needs
  • Quotes section for extra motivation to reach your fitness goals
  • Goals section lists your exercise goals in checklist format
  • Weekly Workout Tracker dashboard shows your workout progress for each week in checklist format
  • My Workouts section shows the exercise you’ve done, including details of the focus area, additional info, date, time, location, instructor, duration of the workout, rating of the exercise, weight, calories burned, heart rate (average and max), total miles, steps, splats, and other stats
  • Treadmill and Rowing Summary databases show the stats for each workout or sport you’re doing

Get Kirbie Pillette’s Workout Dashboard template here

9. Gym Workout Tracker

Gym Workout Tracker Free Notion Workout Templates

Going to the gym can be tedious (and boring!) for most people, especially newbies. If you need more motivation, Ash Arora’s Gym Workout Tracker helps you visualize your progress. 

By tracking different aspects of your workout (weight, deadlift, bench press, gym visitation frequency), you’ll know your progress at a glance. You can even see what muscle groups you’re hitting with each gym day during your Gym Split.


  • Functional design
  • Quotes section for motivation boost during workouts
  • Weekly Workout Tracker database tracks your daily progress each week you’re going to the gym
  • Goals section lists all your fitness goals in checklist format
  • Workout Split tracks the muscle groups that are used with each exercise you’re doing
  • Push section lists all the push exercises that target certain muscle groups
  • Pull section lists all the pull exercises that target certain muscle groups
  • Legs section lists the exercise types targeting the leg’s muscles
  • Stats database shows the type of exercise made, its focus, duration, rating, number of reps done, and calories burned
  • Weight Tracker shows how much weight you’ve lost after maintaining your gym routine; can be switched to table view
  • Finances page allows an easy listing of your daily expenses in a dashboard

Get the Gym Workout Tracker template by Ash Arora here

10. 30-Day Workout Plan

30-Day Workout Plan Free Notion Workout Templates

If you’re having trouble making your workout plan, you don’t have to now with the 30-Day Workout Plan template. This free Notion workout template helps you stay on top of your fitness goals by building accountability.

Each day card shows you the exercises and the guides on how to properly perform them. It may also show “Rest” in it, which means you’ll have to take a day off from your workout. 


  • Straightforward template design
  • One-page Workout gallery section showing 30 cards corresponding to 30 days of the month
  • Each card shows the target muscle group and the details of the exercise you’re doing
  • Comes with a checkbox below each card for easy ticking off when completed
  • Rest cards between workout days for giving your body ample time to recover from an intensive workout

Get the 30-Day Workout Plan template here

85+ Best & Free Notion Templates


These 10 best free Notion workout templates change the way fitness enthusiasts achieve their goals. With their comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, they motivate people to take charge of their healthy-living goals like never before.

Embrace Notion’s efficiency and see how your workouts flourish while enjoying the organization the tool brings.

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