6 Free Notion ADHD Templates – Aesthetic Design

Want to become more productive despite the limited focus your ADHD brings? There are free Notion templates that can help you enhance focus, time management, and organization.

If you want to achieve your best despite having ADHD, then feel free to use any of these free Notion templates.

6 Best & Free Notion ADHD Templates for 2023

1. No More Impulse Spending [ADHD]

No More Impulse Spending [ADHD] Best Free Notion ADHD Template

One challenge that people having ADHD face is impulsivity. That includes managing finances. Braelyn’s No More Impulse Spending categorizes your wants, needs, and wishlist so you won’t be tempted to binge on online shopping.

This helps force the person to think carefully about their purchases (online or not) as they can change their mind after the waiting period.

No More Impulse Spending [ADHD] Best Free Notion ADHD Template


  • Main Page features the link to the No More Impulse Spending template for easier duplication
  • Instructions that are detailed enough about how to use the sections in the template
  • Why Not Impulse Buy section for listing all your reasons why you should impulse shop less
  • Wants database allows for easy adding of items you want to buy; all items added will appear in the “Can Purchase Now” table after 1 week
  • Changed Mind database list all items ticked off from the “Can Purchase Now” database if you changed your mind about buying them
  • Currency used for the “Price” section can be easily changed by clicking the header and selecting “Edit Property”
  • Add New Item section for easy adding of new entries in the “Wants” database
  • Kanban board view of “Can Purchase Now,” “Purchased,” and “Changed Mind” sections to visualize the items in each category
  • Money Saved database shows how much you have saved by placing items in the “Changed Mind” list
  • Money Spent database shows all items you have bought
  • Holiday Wishlist section shows items you want to be gifted to you

Get the No More Impulse Spending [ADHD] template here

2. ADHD Weekly Planner

ADHD Weekly Planner Best Free Notion ADHD Template

Having an aesthetic weekly planner with cool pastel colors can help calm ADHDers in managing their tasks. Hence, this template designed by u/KisaLotus, is made simple to use, easy to work with, and non-technical.

In this way, any person, with or without ADHD, can easily organize their weekly tasks.


  • Aesthetic design
  • Daily Planner pages allow for easy checking of routines, tasks, and notes
  • Life Tracker checklist for easy ticking off of routine tasks for the day (found in Daily Planner pages)
  • Weekly To-Do board for tracking weekly tasks (with “To-Do,” “Completed,” “Pending,” and “Hidden Tasks” categories)
  • Everyday Organiser database for easy tracking of tasks or habits in a weekly table view
  • Mood Tracker table for easy correlation of your daily emotions with productivity level; can add ratings and journal notes

Get the ADHD Weekly Planner template here

3. Monthly Planner by lil_ghostnebula

Monthly Planner by lil_ghostnebula Best Free Notion ADHD Template

For people with ADHD, a complex monthly planner is only an additional stress. lil_ghostnebula created a simple yet customizable monthly planner Notion template that is ADHD-friendly.

This one-page dashboard allows for easy visualization of all the items that you need to track in a month. It also comes with hide-and-reveal sections so you won’t be bombarded with a lot of information at a time.


  • Simple and customizable design that is ADHD-friendly
  • Sections in the template are toggle lists designed to reveal the information in them whenever the user wants to 
  • Visualizations section shows a gallery view of your vision board
  • Goals section shows a gallery view of your monthly goals for added motivation
  • Calendar section shows the calendar view of your activities for the month
  • Week section shows your weekly to-do list
  • Braindump section allows for easy jotting down of random thoughts 
  • Tasks section for an easy listing of major tasks in checklist form
  • Daily Tasks section to list down tasks for the day in checklist format
  • Weekly Tasks section lists all tasks for the week
  • Monthly Tasks section for listing tasks for the whole month
  • Yearly Tasks section lists the tasks you’ll need to do for the year

Get the Monthly Planner by lil_ghostnebula template here

4. College Life

College Life Best Free Notion ADHD Template

Kathy Gainor’s College Life Notion template helps your ADHD brain stay organized with the color coding it uses per class. You won’t miss any deadlines again with the help of a master class schedule.

And, if you don’t want to cram for the exam week, refer to the countdown table to see if you have enough time for studying. Think of it like an upgraded student template designed to ease your college life.


  • Color-coded aesthetic design
  • Colleges page for tracking the units and classes you’ve taken at another state university or community college
  • Financials page tracks expenses in comparison with the monthly cap you’ve set; comes with an Excel template for easy export of data
  • Quick Links section for easy saving of links related to articles, videos
  • Documents page for embedding documents or video files for any subject you’re taking
  • Presentation Hub for compilation of class presentation materials; comes with “Resources” and “Final Presentation” sections
  • Essay Hub to easily find research made for your college essays
  • Thesis Template shows a tabular view of the main topic, supporting ideas, information, and the tasks related to your thesis
  • Personal CRM for easy listing of your classmate’s or professor’s contact details and what classes they belong to
  • Semester section to list all the classes you’re enrolled into, including professor’s names and pertinent notes
  • Master Class Schedule database for easy monitoring of class schedules for the semester (color-coded as well)
  • Countdown database to easily keep track of deadlines and upcoming exams or events
  • Semester Reminders for easy listing of school-wide or class-related reminders
  • Class Schedule database shows in hourly blocks the classes or activities for the day

Get the College Life Notion template here

5. Practical GTD (Getting Things Done) Template

Practical GTD (Getting Things Done) Best Free Notion ADHD Template

Most ADHDers (people with ADHD) fear using planners as they easily get overwhelmed with the tasks listed. But David Allen’s Practical GTD (Getting Things Done) template makes planning and prioritizing simple.

It encourages the user to break things down for easier completion while giving options. It also lessens the load on your memory by writing down your thoughts.


  • Simple and customizable design
  • Comes with detailed instructions on how you can customize the template
  • Inbox page comes with a database for easy capturing of ideas and thoughts 
  • Calendar page shows upcoming events for your projects and tasks; can be connected to the tasks/routines they’re related to
  • Projects page for planning, organizing resources, and connecting the tasks of any high-level project
  • Contexts database for organizing situations or contexts to get things done, including the tools you’ll use and what you need to do
  • Tasks page serves as a master database for all projects; can be connected to individual tasks and other details (energy estimate, time estimate)
  • Someday/Maybe page lists any ideas you have that you haven’t started yet (aren’t official projects)
  • Weekly Review Workflow page facilitates easy reviewing of your weekly workflow

Get the Practical GTD template here

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6. ADHD Dashboard

ADHD Dashboard Best Free Notion ADHD Template

Being neurodivergent poses different challenges in tackling tasks in daily life. While neurodivergents can independently function in society, they need the help of tools like the ADHD Dashboard to keep track of their daily activities in one place.

Reddit user u/Y0z64 describes this template as a complete package to remember any task or acquaintances they meet.


  • Complete and aesthetically-designed template
  • Each section has detailed instructions on how to use them; can be deleted once you’re familiar with the template
  • To-do list allows for an easy listing of tasks you need to do for the day; best for people with action paralysis 
  • Today I will do something section lists all tasks to be done within the day
  • To-do this week lists this week’s activities/task 
  • To-do this month section lists priority tasks for the month in checklist format
  • Master Calendar to track activities, appointments, and tasks in calendar view; all entries added with a date will appear in the calendar
  • Notion playlist section allows users to listen to the embedded Spotify playlist while ticking off items from the planner
  • Brain dump boards for easy jotting down of random notes or thoughts; entries also appear in the Braindump table
  • Wishlist table controls your spending impulses by categorization of items by priority
  • People tracker lists all your contacts with relationship tags to track how you got to know them

Get the ADHD Dashboard template here


Notion’s free ADHD templates are game changers for anyone wanting to improve their productivity. With these templates’ adaptability to individual needs, they can help tackle ADHD-related challenges.

Embrace Notion’s power and take charge of your goals, tasks, and life with newfound efficiency and clarity.

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