8 Free Notion Wedding Planner Templates  

Notion wedding planner templates are highly organized and handy templates to make your dream day as perfect as possible. These templates are great to plan the perfect ceremony for your special day.

Here are some wedding templates created by various creators including brides and grooms who know what is needed to make your wedding ceremony successful and beautiful. 

8 Free Notion Wedding Planner Templates to Help You Organize The Perfect Wedding 

1. Wedding Planning Template By Emma Tunbridge

Wedding planner template home page

The wedding planning template is the most simple and comprehensive planner with options for listing your guests, keeping track of vendors, and the contacts you might require to conduct it ideally.  

This free template has all the essential segments required on your wedding day broken down into different lists. You can check these boxes once you are done with the respective tasks like inviting the guests on your list or contacting the flower decors.


  • Simple and straightforward design
  • Ability to list out and check out individual tasks for easier tracking 
  • Has an inspiration section where you can exclusively keep track of flowers, cake, hair, and makeup  
  • Bill management where you can enter cost details, due date, and check the box when it is complete.
  • Has an option for ‘Questions to ask’ where available games, DJ time, and other such event details can be noted down.
  • Documents such as those of the ceremony program, timelines, and other important contracts can be added. 
  • Important invoices from photographers, videographers, and other vendors involved in your wedding can be attached.

Get The Wedding Planning Template By Emma Here

2. Minimalist Wedding Invite Template By Abdul M

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The wedding invite template is the perfect template for your destination wedding to invite your friends and family to celebrate your special day. This template helps you organize the venue, location, date & time, along with travel information, and places you can explore.

You can also put a section for RSVP and add details about the dress code! 


  • Easy to enter wedding details.
  • The date and time can be added to your calendar directly from the invite.
  • Space for pictures to enhance the invite and organize it.
  • User-friendly and interactive design.
  • Available with a gallery to add pictures of the destination and cuisine.

Get The Minimalist Wedding Invite Template By Abdul Here

3. Digital Wedding Planner Template By Philenia Parker

Wedding Planner Templates

This fantastic wedding planner designed by Philenia was designed for her own destination wedding and has updated elements to make your dream day the best day!  

The digital wedding planner template helps you keep track of all the important days and every task necessary for your wedding to be perfect. You can also stay within your budget by having everything organized and planned in advance.


  • Has a dashboard that covers all essential tasks for the wedding
  • Well-organized schedule for the wedding day so that everything runs smoothly 
  • It also provides details about the emcee announcements.
  • Has the option to save and plan accommodation of guests with the room type in a resort methodically.
  • Provides a seating chart that you can cross-check with the RSVP list to ensure proper seating.
  • A separate page for keeping track of the sound and lighting along with the arrangements to be made for the DJ.
  • You can also keep track of the gifts that you received from your guests to send personalized thank you cards.
  • You can start your planning with a mood board where you can add pictures to share with your coordinator or graphic designers.

Get The Digital Wedding Planner Template By Philenia Here

4. Wedding Planning Kit By Elizabeth

Wedding Planner Templates

The wedding planning kit by Elizabeth is another free and amazing template for planning out your wedding. It has a main board wherein the tasks are listed and can be divided as ‘in progress’ or shifted to ‘done’. 

This makes it easy to keep track of all the tasks required for the wedding to be carried out smoothly. You can also plan the seating arrangement, decide on the music, after-party drinks, and food, and stay on a budget all in advance with this planner.


  • Well-organized boards to track tasks in progress and those that are complete
  • Keeps track of suppliers, music, wedding dresses, delivery, and photography 
  • Ability to assign tasks to different people to simplify planning.
  • You can start your planning with a mood board where you can add pictures from Pinterest or Tumblr to share with your planner or graphic designers.
  • Has a page for keeping track of your guests along with their role and if they are bringing along a +1 to keep count of guests.
  • You can list your budget for various expenses and it has columns to note down the amount paid so far and the amount that is pending.
  • An overview of suppliers can be listed down so that you can keep track of their contact details in an organized manner.

Get The Wedding Planning Kit By Elizabeth Here

5. Alternate Wedding Planner By Jane 

Alternate Wedding Planner

This alternate wedding planner is a simple yet effective planner on Notion that is designed by Jane. It helps keep track of your budget by categorizing all the tasks and allotting the cost respectively. 

This way, you can see how much you can spend on a particular area for your wedding. Along with that, you can keep track of the venue, and theme, and decide on the menu for the occasion.

You can easily check the boxes once the task is handled so you can keep track of everything. It also gives you a countdown to your wedding day! 


  • You can add pictures to keep a visual record of your inspiration. 
  • A to-do list on the day of the wedding to ensure all the tasks are performed 
  • Also has the option to plan your honeymoon starting from the location ideas, to accommodation and cuisine.
  • Has an option of keeping links of registry sites from the internet for immediate access.
  • You can keep track of your budget by entering the category and listing down the remaining amount so you can stay within your budget.
  • Provides a countdown checklist where you can organize your tasks in a monthly fashion.

Get The Alternate Wedding Planner By Jane Here

6. The Happy Couple By Sarah Tarpley

Wedding Planner Templates

The happy couple template was made by Sarah for her dear friend who was getting married. It is an aesthetically pleasing template that has options to list down the to-do list and mark it off when it is complete. 

You can categorize different parts of your wedding day in your gallery as pictures to ensure you follow your theme and stick to the plan. 


  • Simple and elegant design.
  • A to-do list to keep track of tasks.
  • Gallery view for a visual tracker.
  • You can start your planning with a mood board where you can add pictures from Pinterest or Tumblr to share with your planner or graphic designers.

Get The Happy Couple Template By Sarah Here

7. Wedding Planning Notion Template

Wedding Planning Notion Template

Planning your wedding will become fun and exciting rather than stressing with this wedding planning Notion template. You can easily keep track of all the tasks with the help of this template which has a dashboard to access all parts.

You can keep track of your appointments through the in-built calendar, make a budget page, and a to-do list to check all the tasks and carry it out methodically.


  • Has a facility for quick links wherein you can access budget, honeymoon, and inspiration pages.
  • A calendar to keep track of all important appointments.
  • A table to keep track of all your budget with the vendors.
  • Has a shopping list tracker where you can add items and other necessary purchases to be made for your wedding.
  • You can list down the quotes provided by various vendors such as caterers, photographers, and videographers to pay it on time.
  • Available with an inspiration board where you can list down and add pictures of your attire, bouquet, and cake.
  • You can use the timeline page to enter your activities before your wedding day as well as those to cover on your wedding day.

Get The Wedding Planning Notion Template Here

8. Wedding Planning Template By Shayla Herrington

Wedding Planning Template By Shayla Herrington

You do not need to worry about keeping track of your research on various wedding venues and wedding dresses with the wedding planning template by Shayla. The dashboard here has an exclusive option to enter your research of venues along with availability, seating arrangement, and tentative cost. 

This is also available for your wedding dresses and honeymoon locations so that you can keep track of all your choices and compare to see which one works out to be the best option for you.


  • A to-do list to keep track of all tasks
  • Helps keep track of your budget and guest list to arrange food and seating
  • Notes for keeping count of all the important tasks and names.
  • Has a page dedicated to planning your honeymoon where you can list the things you want to do, areas to visit, and dishes to try out.
  • You can plan your music by creating playlists and saving them for different events throughout your wedding.
  • There is a page where you can also plan your venue along with the distance, budget, and accommodation.
  • You can keep track of all your wedding dresses and their respective prices to stay within your budget.

Get The Wedding Planning Template By Shayla Here

85+ Free Notion Templates in 2024


Planning weddings and ceremonies can be exciting yet overwhelming. With this list of free Notion wedding planner templates, you no longer need to stress out about the special day and instead, you can enjoy the process! 

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These planners cover all important aspects needed in the planning of a successful and lovely wedding. Happy planning!

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