10 Best Notion Academic Research/PhD Templates 2024

Keeping track of your thesis progress, literature reviews, and other academic research for a Master’s or PhD can be an arduous task. However, thanks to these Notion templates you can plan study sessions, research activities, and personal tasks while staying focused and consistent. 

Free Notion Academic Research/PhD Templates

1. Thesis Writing Companion

Price: Free

Thesis Writing Companion Notion Template Screenshot

What We Like About It

  • A Quick navigation bar to access separate sections for jotting down ideas, research, thesis drafts, and more. 
  • Several handy resources are built into a side panel for quick and easy referencing.
  • A calendar view highlighting any pending tasks, assignments, and appointments.
  • A customizable feedback section to note down any pending to-dos and other activities regarding the thesis. 

Get the Thesis Writing Companion Notion Template Here

2. Workspace Template for PhD Students

Price: Free

Workspace Template for PhD Students Notion Template Screenshot

What We Like About It

  • Neatly-designed dashboard with big font sizes and attractive colors.
  • Quick toggle lists to access the schedule, coursework, and other customizable options.
  • Separate gallery view to highlight pending tasks and assignments.
  • Well-organized and minimally designed toggle lists separating research, coursework, teaching, and personal tasks into four main sections.

Get this Workspace for Ph.D. Students Notion Template Here

3. Student Dashboard

Price: Free

Student Dashboard Notion Template Screenshot

What We Like About It

  • A minimalistic and easy-to-use dashboard that lets you customize your tasks and get set up fast.
  • Quick navigation links to the calendar, coursework, and other pages you want to customize.
  • Built-in study counter widget to help you stay focused and track your progress at a glance.
  • Gallery view for courses page to help organize and plan ahead. 

Get This Student Dashboard Notion Template Here

4. Research Paper Tracker

Price: Free

Research Paper Tracker Notion Template Screenshot

What We Like About It

  • Easy-to-pick-up template for beginners. It has a minimal design and can be easily customized according to specific user needs.
  • Built-in database with several different view layouts. This includes a Table view, regular gallery view, card-style gallery view, kanban board, and list.
  • Fields and templates for individual entries or research papers are already included. This includes helpful tips on how to summarize your reading material and note down any required information.
  • Crucial tags for DOI, subject material, remarks, and current reading progress are already included.

Get This Research Paper Tracker Notion Template Here

5. Thesis Dashboard

Price: Free

Thesis Dashboard Notion Template Screenshot

What We Like About It

  • Intricately-designed dashboard/homepage that compresses all relevant information into a single page. 
  • Multiple tables are included to set up to-dos, appointments, thesis writing progress, literature review, and data analysis.
  • Built-in instructions for beginners to get acquainted quickly and easily.
  • A navbar with the option to add quick links to external sites and resources.

Get This Thesis Dashboard Notion Template Here

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Paid Notion Academic Research/PhD Templates

6. Ultimate PhD Template

Price: $10

Ultimate PhD Template Notion Template Screenshot

What We Like About It

  • An aesthetic and functionally-designed dashboard that showcases and allows editing of a study calendar, tasks, research, thesis progress, and more. 
  • Well-designed template pages and database entries for organizing thesis chapters and papers, meetings, study sessions, and more.
  • Separate sections for combining a career database and a CRM for maintaining professional contacts. 
  • Instructions and the ability to embed Altmetric badges for tracking media coverage of your publications. 

Get This Ultimate Ph.D. Notion Template Here

7. PhD Essentials Template

Price: $3

PhD Essentials Template Notion Template Screenshot

What We Like About It

  • A dashboard that highlights a calendar, pending tasks, inspiration quotes, and table views to edit and view your tasks and thesis progress. 
  • A well-optimized dashboard that’s versatile in mobile, tablet, and desktop layouts.
  • Extremely helpful and beginner-friendly instructions on how to use the template are already included.
  • A quick navigation bar to all important pages such as research paper tracker, literature notes, meeting records, custom papers, and more.

Get This PhD Essentials Notion Template Here

8. Research Planner | Thesis Template for PhD

Price: 14.89

Research Planner | Thesis Template for PhD Notion Template Screenshot

What We Like About It

  • A professional-looking dashboard layout with quick links, a research timeline, pending tasks, and a calendar view.
  • Well-optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop views.
  • Built-in integration with academic referencing app Zotero and other apps.
  • Compatible with dark mode.
  • Professional and personal CRM page for networking.
  • Detailed agenda and data collection pages.

Get This Research Planner | Thesis for PhD Notion Template Here

9. Thesis Writing for Masters and PhD

Price: $9

Thesis Writing for Masters and PhD Notion Template Screenshot

What We Like About It

  • Professional-looking dashboard with quick links to thesis writing activities, research, literature review, data collection, and other activities. 
  • Tasks list and calendar setup for planning study sessions, reading, thesis writing, and data collection. 
  • Built-in tools to help you track your daily writing progress. Also includes helpful resources and sections for drawing inspiration. 
  • Templates and guides designed to organize and plan thesis write-ups and research proposals.

Get This Thesis Writing for Masters and PhD Notion Template Here

10. Academic PKM Template

Price: $15

Academic PKM Template Notion Template Screenshot

What We Like About It

  • Readable and aesthetically-designed dashboard with dozens of images and large font sizes.
  • Separate yet interlinked databases that connect your tasks, research, networking, projects, and personal data. (Zettelkasten Method)
  • A dashboard that automatically updates based on the current day and tasks you’ve prioritized.
  • Pre-configured database templates to help you get set up fast. 
  • Habit and Mood tracker built-in.

Get This Academic PKM Notion Template Here

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