Hyperlink in Notion (with Shortcuts)

Notion is an all-in-one productivity tool that allows you to organize notes, tasks, projects, and databases. It is a versatile workspace that can be customized according to your needs. Notion allows you to create pages, databases, tables, and lists that can be interlinked to create a network of information.

Hyperlinks are clickable links that allow you to navigate to different pages, websites, or files. In Notion, hyperlinks are an essential feature that allows you to connect your notes, tasks, and projects. Hyperlinks can be created within a page or between different pages.

Hyperlinks can be used to link to different types of content, including text, images, files, and databases. They can also be used to create a table of contents or an index page that links to different sections of your notes or projects.

Creating hyperlinks in Notion is easy and straightforward. The steps include:

  • Select the text or object you want to link
Select the text to hyperlink in Notion

  • Click on the link icon in the formatting options
Click on the link icon

  • Enter the URL or select the page you want to link to
Enter the URL to hyperlink

To create a hyperlink between pages,

  1. Use the “@” symbol followed by the page name.

Then, Notion will automatically suggest the page you want to link to as you type.

Notion offers different types of hyperlinks that you can use depending on your needs. The most common types of hyperlinks include page links, web links, email links, file links, and section links.

Page links: allow you to create a hyperlink to another page within your Notion workspace.

Web links: allow you to create a hyperlink to a website or an external resource.

Email links: allow you to create a hyperlink that opens the default email client with the recipient’s email address pre-filled.

File links: allow you to create a hyperlink to a file that is stored on your computer or in the cloud. Section links allow you to create a hyperlink to a specific section within a page. This is particularly useful when working with long pages that contain multiple sections.

Notion offers several keyboard shortcuts that can be used to create hyperlinks quickly. The most common shortcuts include:

  • Ctrl+K (Windows) or Cmd+K(Mac): This shortcut opens the hyperlink dialog box, allowing you to create a hyperlink to a page, website, or file.
  • /link- This command allows you to create a hyperlink to a specific block on a page.

Using these shortcuts can save you time and improve your workflow when creating hyperlinks in Notion.


When creating hyperlinks in Notion, there are several best practices you should follow to ensure that your links work correctly and are easy to navigate. Firstly, you should use descriptive and concise link text that accurately reflects the content of the linked page or resource.

You should also ensure that your links are relevant and add value to your notes or projects. Avoid cluttering your pages with unnecessary links that can make it difficult to navigate. You should also test your links regularly to ensure that they work correctly and update them if necessary.

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