10 Best & Free Notion Book Tracker Library Templates 2024

Got a lot of books to read? Losing count on what book to read? If yes is your answer to both, use a Notion book tracker.

But no need to pay for it when there are lots of free book tracker templates Notion can offer.

The 10 Best Free Notion Book Tracker Templates 2023

1. Bookshelf

Bookshelf Notion Book Tracker Template

Aside from being aesthetic, Ellie Gon’s Bookshelf book tracker template is at the top of the list when it comes to efficiency and organization. 

Even from the home page, you see all the needed info about your reading progress — the “Currently Reading,” monthly “To Be Read” list, and your yearly reading goals.


  • Aesthetic and efficient design
  • Library page for tracking both the books you’re done reading as well as those you want to read
  • Notes and Quotes page for writing the favorite quotes from your favorite authors
  • Genres for easy classification of your literary favorites
  • Yearly Archive tracks all the books, pages, and favorite literary pieces you’ve read for the year 
  • Currently Reading section to see all the books you’re currently reading
  • Next to Read section lists all books to read 
  • Monthly To be Read section for an easy listing of books to read by month
  • Reading Goals section tracks your reading progress 

Get Ellie Gon’s Bookshelf template here

2. Reading List

Reading List Notion Book Tracker Template

If your love for reading isn’t limited to books, then the Reading List book tracker template by Notion is for you. With its modern-looking dashboard, you can see all your readings — articles, podcasts, videos, Twitter threads, blog posts, and academic journals — at a glance.


  • Modern design template
  • Easy changing of views according to the author, status, type, and publisher
  • Allows rating of content up to 5 stars 
  • Notion Web Clipper can be installed here for easy saving of links and pages to the lists directly from the web
  • Articles tab lists all the articles you’ll read
  • Podcasts section shows the podcasts you’re listening to
  • Essay Resources is where you can save any source you’re referring to for your essays
  • Film + TV lists the TV shows and movies you love or are about to watch
  • Academic Journals lists all the journals you’re reading with a star-rating system
  • The “All” tab lists all the readings you’ve saved in a database, along with their respective Notion tags

Get the Reading List template here

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3. Notion Bookshelf

Notion Bookshelf Book Tracker Template

This minimalist template by James of iNotion Templates is considered the best among all the book tracker templates in Notion. At a glance, you’ll see all needed information in a single dashboard. It even comes with a “Wishlist” database too!


  • Minimalistic design
  • Comes with a header bar to easily navigate through the books by category
  • “Notes Finished” and “Notes Unfinished” tabs for easy retrieval of notes for each book
  • Currently Reading lists all the books that you’re still reading
  • Goal section shows how close you are to your yearly reading goal
  • The Wish List database shows all the books you are or want to read and their relevant info (total pages, current page, date started, date finished, genres)
  • Easily update the status of every book you’re reading with the “Read,” “Reading,” and “Wish List” tags
  • Easy rating of the book’s author in the “Rating” section

Get the Notion Bookshelf book tracker template here

4. Book Notes Template

Book Notes Notion Book Tracker Template

Elsa Scola created this one-page minimalistic Notion book tracker template for two reasons: note-taking on the books she reads and easy content revisiting.


  • Minimalistic design
  • The “All Books” database makes for easy adding of books you’re reading
  • Adding new books opens a new page for relevant data about them (basic information, star rating, and notes
  • Notes section are divided into 4 sections — Book’s Main Idea, Highlights, Top Quotes, and Top Lessons
  • The filtered view sidebar categorizes the books according to “Pending Notes,” “Books,” “Currently Reading,” “Want to Read,” and “Read”

Get Elsa Scola’s Book Notes book tracker template here

5. Reading List for Teams

Reading List for Teams Notion Book Tracker Template

From the name itself, this book tracker template from Notion is ideal to be used by groups of people. Anyone who has a group reading assignment needs to use this template for a central listing of all the books assigned to them.


  • Designed to be used for groups of people with the same task 
  • Central list database allows for easy dropping in and categorization of books read or to be read
  • Team members can choose titles they will read, mark them as completed, and add comments on each of the books for discussion
  • Clicking on a card shows all the notes made for that book
  • Added by property shows who among the team members added the title to the list

Get the Reading List for Teams book tracker template here

6. Reading Tracker System Template

Reading Tracker System Notion Book Tracker Template

If you’re finding it hard to keep track of all the materials you’re reading, then the Reading Tracker System template is for you. 

All the titles are organized in a centralized location for easy retrieval. You can also keep track of your reading goals progress and save your favorite quotes for easy referencing. 


  • Clean and simple design
  • Articles database saves all the article links in one table
  • Bookshelf database shows all the book titles and their relevant information
  • Genres database shows all the book genres, their titles, and the number of books for each genre
  • Reading Stats show your yearly reading goal progress
  • Reading Goals lists all the goals related to which books to read
  • Favorite Quotes allows easy jotting down of quotes you love from different authors
  • Articles section can be switched to board and table views to track your reading assignments

Get the Reading Tracker System Template by iReem Magdi here

7. Reading Notion Template

Reading Notion Template

The Reading Notion Template is a good fit for people who have limited time to read or who want to plan their daily reading. You can easily add the title of the book and your target date of finishing at the very top of the page.


  • Books I Want to Read This Month section allows for easy adding of books you’ll read, including pages to read and dates you plan to finish reading them
  • Reading Plan checklist allows for easy ticking off of goals based on your weekly schedule
  • Page Count Tracker database helps you track the number of pages you’ve read daily

Get the Reading Notion book tracker template here

8. Library Template

Library Notion Book Tracker Template

If you want to organize your books like a library, this book tracker template is for you. Made by Monica Kim, this book tracker template works best for keeping an inventory of all your books, your wish list, and your reading goals.


  • Each database comes with lots of columns or properties, so users will be able to add more relevant information
  • Book Tracker allows for easy monitoring of books you were reading when you started reading them and when you finished
  • Easily rate the books you have read with a star-rating system in the Book Tracker database
  • Comes with an “Own” checkbox property in the Book Tracker to easily spot borrowed from owned books
  • Books I Own lists all the titles that you own, along with the related information
  • Wishlist databases list all the books that you want to read or have for the year
  • Reading Goals lists your goals for the year in a numbered format
  • Quarterly goals break down your yearly reading goals in 4 quarters

Get the Library Tracker template here

9. Athenaeum

Athenaeum Notion Book Tracker Template

Do you love reading book series? If you do, then Athenaeum is the best book tracker template for you. Unlike other templates, Athenaeum comes with the “Book Series” section allowing you to easily list all the titles of that series.


  • Aesthetic design
  • Bookshelves database comes with lots of properties and tabs for easy listing, categorization, and monitoring 
  • Book Series gallery allows for an easy listing of all the titles under a particular series and tracks your progress in each title
  • Authors gallery allows for categorizing the books you’ve read by their authors
  • Languages gallery sorts the books you have according to the language they were written in

Get the Athenaeum template here

10. Academia Book Tracker

Academia Book Tracker

Tracking the books you read need not be boring with an aesthetic book tracker like Academia. But functionality isn’t sacrificed here as there are lots of features this template has added besides its visual appeal.


  • Aesthetic and functional design
  • Currently Reading section easily checks and tick off books you’re done reading
  • To Be Read section lists all the book titles you will read in checklist format 
  • Library database categorizes and organizes the books; can be switched between gallery and table view
  • Books Read This Year shows how many books you have read for that year in countdown style
  • Favorite Quotes database allows easy adding of quotes from the book authors
  • Goals section lists your reading goals for the year in checklist form for easy ticking off
  • Quick Links section allows you to go to specific sections of the template without scrolling
  • Wishlist database lists all the books you want to read

Get the Academia Book Tracker template here


Change your reading style by using free book tracker templates on Notion. With their effortless organization, seamless customization, and insightful tracking, these templates unlock the full potential of your reading experience.

The best news is, you don’t have to pay a single cent to become efficient yet still enjoy reading!

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