6 Best & Free Notion Grocery List Templates (2024)

Tired of wasting 40+ minutes and your precious sanity on grocery trips? Embrace a simpler, smarter approach– all with a snap of your fingers with these amazing grocery list templates made with Notion! From meal planning to budgeting, these Notion Grocery list templates are your ultimate shopping sidekick.

1. Meal Planner & Recipes Notion Template by Daniel Marthi

Grocery Template by Daniel Mathi

The Meal Planner and Recipe Notion Template is your key to a tastier, more organized kitchen experience! With this template, you can create exciting new dishes that’ll expand your cooking skills. You can also: easily sort your meals by type – breakfast, lunch, dinner – for a stress-free weekly plan; build a list of essentials that’ll take your cooking to the next level; effortlessly add recipe ingredients to your shopping list for a smooth grocery run; find what you need with filters like ingredients, meal type, cuisine, and more; and elevate your cooking, stay organized, and savor every bite. Your journey to better meals starts here!


  • Explore New Culinary Horizons: Unveil the opportunity to add exciting new recipes to your repertoire.
  • Strategize Your Weekly Meals: Categorize your meals by course type, effortlessly managing breakfast, main courses, dinners, and more.
  • Expand Your Ingredient Arsenal: Develop an ever-growing list of ingredients to elevate your culinary creations.
  • Streamlined Shopping List: Effortlessly integrate ingredients into your shopping list, simplifying your grocery excursions.
  • Intelligent Filtering: Easily sift through recipes using various filters such as ingredients, course type, cuisine, cooking time, and difficulty level.

Meal Planner & Recipes Notion Template by Daniel Marthi

2. Notion Shopping List by Severin Schuetz

Notion Shopping List by Severin

Say goodbye to the days of rewriting your shopping list every week – our system allows you to craft your list once and then generate as many customized shopping lists as you desire. Whether you’re planning your weekly groceries, a special occasion or even a big pantry restock, we’ve got you covered.


  • Smooth Shopping Experience– our platform provides an all-encompassing template for convenient shopping across categories, saving you from last-minute rushes. 
  • Adjustable List –  Easily adjust your list as your needs change, using our dedicated page for effortless additions, removals, and quantity changes. 
  • Generate tailored shopping list – using our ‘Generate’ button, perfect for spontaneous BBQs or elegant dinners.
  • Revisit past shopping lists –streamline the process of recalling favorite recipes or specific purchases, saving you time and mental energy.
  • Manage your shopping lists on your mobile device – effortlessly access, edit, and create lists whether you’re at home or on the go. 

Get the Notion Shopping List by Severin Scheutz

3. Notion Food Planner by Patrick Loonsta 

Notion Food Planner

Tired of food fiascos? Let the Notion Food Planner be your kitchen companion! Keep your cherished recipes in a single, scrumptious hub and map out your week’s feasts with flair!


  • Store recipes in one virtual platform: With the Notion Food Planner, you’ll have a digital haven where you can store your favorite recipe whenever your taste buds crave a delight.
  • Curate your week’s meals:. The visual planning feature transforms the mundane task of meal organization into an exciting tapestry of flavors and experiences.
  • Shopping list: Ensure that every essential ingredient finds its way to your kitchen. 

Get the Notion Food Planner by Patrick Loonsta

4.  Grocery List for Notion by Ella

Notion Grocery List Templates

Venture into a realm of redefined shopping encounters, where methodical and efficient grocery undertakings take center stage. The intuitive template, meticulously crafted, equips individuals with the prowess to construct a tailored checklist encompassing an array of necessities – spanning from pantry staples to the freshest farm-to-table produce and beyond. Regardless of one’s culinary predisposition – whether a meticulous planner or an impromptu chef – this template is yours to master!


  • Grocery list: Streamline shopping with our organized grocery list. Knowing exactly what you need to buy eliminates the stress of trying to remember everything while navigating a crowded store. You can shop confidently and efficiently, without the worry of forgetting important items.
  • Organized items by categories: Now you can plan your month’s grocery haul without fail with this extensive grocery list. 

Get Grocery List by Ella template 

5. Meal Planning Template by Marie Poulin

Meal Planning Template by Marie Poulin


  • Meal Planner:

Effortlessly map out your weekly culinary adventures and create a roadmap for nourishing meals with the intuitive Meal Planner.

  • Groceries & Inventory:

Experience the convenience of a comprehensive kitchen companion, seamlessly combining your grocery list and inventory management, ensuring you’re well-equipped for every cooking endeavor.

  • Mobile-Friendly:

Stay in control of your kitchen essentials on the go, thanks to the template’s mobile-friendly design that lets you access and update your grocery list and inventory from anywhere, making shopping and meal prep a breeze.

Get Meal Planning Template by Marie Poulin

6. Recipe Book & Meal Planning Notion Template by The Organized Notebook 

recipe and meal planner

Elevate your meal and grocery planning experience to new heights with the remarkable Recipe Book & Meal Planning Notion Template. With this template you can do grocery tracking, and meal planning, all within a single, notion dashboard. 


  • Streamlined Meal Planning: Effortlessly design your weekly dining adventures and chart a path to culinary success with our intuitive meal planner.
  • Integrated Grocery & Inventory Management: Seamlessly merge your grocery list and kitchen inventory, ensuring you’re well-prepared for every cooking task. 

Get the Recipe Book & Meal Planning Notion Template by The Organized Notebook

85+ Best & Free Notion Templates in 2024

Wrapping Up

By harnessing the power of Notion’s versatile platform, these templates empower users to plan, manage, and streamline their grocery lists, enhancing both convenience and productivity.

Whether you’re a meticulous planner or simply looking to simplify your shopping routine, these free Notion grocery list templates stand as invaluable tools, showcasing the potential of technology to enhance everyday tasks.

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