6 Best & Free Notion Resume and CV Templates (2024)

Do you struggle with securing a stable job after submitting countless resumes? If yes, then you’re in luck! Notion offers some of the best free resume and CV templates in the market. 

Whether you need to build your work portfolio or you’re focused on securing your dream job with a brilliant resume, Notion resume templates are here to help. 

5 Best Notion Resume and CV Templates 

Today’s job market is highly competitive. So how do you convince the employer that you’re the right man for the job? You need a well-defined resume. 

Without an eye-catching resume, you won’t get your employer’s attention. Your first impression matters. A perfect resume clearly portrays your work experience, professionalism, skills, and achievements.

With the professionally designed Notion resume templates, your job experiences and skills are neatly organized for use. 

If you don’t know what template to pick, here are some options to choose from. 

1. Resume by Notion Template

Firstly, we have the Resume by Notion Template. This digital resume offers a smooth and interactive interface. With its sleek and modern layout, the resume template has sections for your personal information, work experience, education, skills, past projects, positions held, and articles.

Resume by Notion template

The template gives your employer an idea of who you are and can navigate through your experience and knowledge. After purchase, you get a bonus step-by-step guide on resume creation. 

Whether you’re a fresh college graduate or an expert in your field, the Resume by Notion template provides a clean and proficient framework for showcasing your qualifications to potential employers.

Notion resume and CV Template

Key Features:

  • Sleek user-friendly interface. 
  • You can allow public access and send the resume link with your job proposals and applications.
  • Customizable layouts. Contents can be easily edited or deleted.
  • Multiple export options (can be printed or shared as a pdf file)
  • Comes with a guide for creating a resume!

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2. Notion Technical Resume Template for Web Developers, Software Engineers & More

Most employers in the tech industry look out for individuals with an immense amount of skill and experience. Since you have the skill and talent, it’s up to your resume to properly highlight those prospects for interviewers to look into. 

Notion Technical Resume

With this template, your expertise is brought to the spotlight. It gives you the perfect outline to create that stand-out resume that secures your dream job in the tech industry. 

Resume for Web Developers and Data Scientists

Key Features:

  • Highlights your certifications, tech skills, and experience in one place. 
  • User-friendly and can be easily navigated by the recruiters. 
  • Perfect for data scientists, web developers, and software engineers.  

Get Notion Technical Resume Template for Web Developers Here!

3. Job Applications & Resume Templates

Do you need a resume template that keeps your job applications and resume on one page? You’ll love the Job Applications & Resume Template. With this free template, you can manage and access your resume, proposals, applications, and portfolio easily. 

Job application & resume template

This template also has extra features that allow you to take note of important dates and deadlines. With statuses and deadlines, you can access companies that you have contacted over time. 

Sort out upcoming interviews and due dates on the calendar. You can also take note of the names of interested companies, available positions, interviewers etcetera. 

Due dates tracker and calendar

Key Features:

  • Multipurpose template. 
  • Easy to customize and edit. 
  • Helps keep track of interested companies, stage of progress, and due dates.  

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4. Academic CV Template

Academics and researchers that need a portfolio that shows your publications, research papers, field of study, and media. Notion’s academic CV template allows you to host research data among many others. 

Academic CV Templates

With a click of the share to web feature, you can put your CV up on the internet. 

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5. Notion Portfolio Template

Portfolios are more detailed versions of resumes. They give the employer insight into your work and your skills. The free Notion Portfolio Template is a 4 in 1 collection. This template contains a portfolio, resume, job offers, and a list to store your contacts. 

Notion Portfolio Template

It collectively comprises your work samples and personal information which can be accessed by the interviewer. This saves time, money and gives a better overview of your skills. 

Key Features: 

  • Dynamic and easy to navigate.
  • Not limited to a resume template only.
  • Has customizable blocks and nested columns. 
  • Great time saver. 

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85+ Best & Free Notion Templates


Create a beautiful and functional resume for your expertise with Notion templates.  

Free Notion resume templates are your best bet for getting a perfect resume. They capture and showcase your creativity which leaves interviewers impressed. 

Try any of these free resume templates and let us know how well it worked for you. 

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