10 Best & Free Notion Calendar Templates (2024)

Any busy person, whether professional or student, can find it hard to juggle their hectic schedules. Having many tasks is a headache, especially if each of these tasks is paired with deadlines.

But with the best and free Notion calendar templates, managing your schedule will be seamless. The best part? You don’t have to pay a single cent to do so.

The 10 Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates 2023

1. My Calendar by Notion

My Calendar by Notion Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

Most people want to seamlessly juggle various tasks from different areas of their lives. Notion’s My Calendar helps users achieve this with their one-page dashboard style where everything can be seen at a glance.

This way, you can organize your schedule without missing a deadline for work-related tasks. The work-life balance achieved!


  • Functional one-page dashboard template design
  • Notion Tip section explains what the template is used for and how to view and organize your activities
  • Monthly Calendar database view for easy checking of upcoming tasks for the month; entries can be opened in center peek cards
  • Need to Schedule database view shows all tasks that you need to plot in the calendar; the “Date” column is blank
  • All Activities database tab lists all activities for the month and where they’re happening

Get the My Calendar Template by Notion here

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2. Instagram Planner and Calendar by Molly

Instagram Planner and Calendar by Molly Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

Whether you’re a social media manager or an influencer wanting to streamline your content-making strategies, the Instagram Planner and Calendar by Molly is the one to use.

On the main page, you get the Instagram planner complete with a “Vision,” “Mission,” and “Strategy” sections. 

You also get a dedicated “Workspace” section, where quick links to the content calendar and other relevant pages can be found.


  • Minimalistic calendar template design
  • Main page features “Vision,” “Mission,” “Strategy” and “Workspace” sections
  • Vision section for listing the brand’s vision statements
  • Mission section for jotting down the brand’s mission statements
  • Strategy section to add the main strategies to be used for your or your client’s Instagram account
  • Workspace section features quick links to relevant databases in the template
  • Instagram calendar for a monthly view of your content to be posted for the month
  • Hashtag Database for storing hashtags that will be used in your Instagram posts; “Count” column is automatically summed
  • Goals Tracker database to track set goals; checkboxes are added to tick off items once you’ve achieved the goal easily
  • Task List page to list specific Instagram posting-related tasks; can include the backend stuff
  • External Links page to easily save links to resources you’re using for researching 
  • Design Practices page features a toggle menu showing all the best practices for posting on Instagram

Get Molly’s Instagram Planner Calendar template here

3. Content Calendar

Content Calendar Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

Another Notion calendar template that is helpful for content creators is the Content Calendar. With its functional design, you can track content projects at any development stage.

You can switch database views to see who the tasks are assigned to and when they are due. Plus, any research notes, recordings, or drafts can be added to the individual project cards.


  • Minimalistic and functional calendar template design
  • Instructions section explains what the template is used for and how best to use it
  • By Assignee database view categorizes the task cards under the team member they were assigned to; task cards can be opened to a side-peek page
  • By Status in board view sorts tasks under four stages of content development: “Idea,” “In Progress,” “In Review,” and “Published”
  • Published Database lists all content that you have published; Notion tags are used to classify the type of content
  • Launch Calendar to view content that you have already published in a month
  • Published databases list all published content; Notion tags tell the type of content; opens to a side-peek page
  • Timeline view of the database shows how long each stage of content development takes to complete

Get the Content Calendar template here

4. Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

For those in the publishing industry, the Editorial Calendar is one of the templates you should consider using. You can easily plan, assign, and write any marketing content you plan to publish.

What’s more, you can write your content draft and outlines by opening the specific writing task page. 


  • Functional calendar template design
  • Notion Tip section explains what the template is used for and the instructions on how to use the template
  • Everything database view shows all the details related to the marketing content, including reference links in the “URL” column
  • Calendar view of the “Editorial Calendar” to keep track of tasks especially when publishing on tight deadlines
  • By Content Type board shows all the types of marketing content you have already made; also shows the content’s status and the person it was assigned to 
  • Status view of the database lists all the content in different stages of development in board view — “ Backlog,” “Drafting,” “Reviewing,” “Ready,” and “Published”
  • Owner view categorizes the content tasks to the person they’re assigned to in board view

Get the template for the Editorial Calendar here

5. Resonance Calendar by Ali Abdaal

Resonance Calendar by Ali Abdaal Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

Designed by renowned YouTuber Ali Abdaal, this Resonance Calendar template is best for storing information related to your interests. 

Anything that resonates with you no matter the form of content can be added to this template. This way, you can track what interests you and act on those interests if need be.

But this template is also usable for work-related tasks if you want to.


  • Minimalistic free-for-all calendar template design
  • View All database view lists all your interests; opens to a side peek page for notes and links related to that interest
  • Calendar view shows all your interests in monthly view
  • Consumption table lists all your latest interests, their categories, and relevant notes and drafts
  • Resonance Calendar Gallery shows the interest cards in gallery view; each card opens to a center peek page

Get Ali Abdaal’s Resonance Calendar template here

6. Roadmap by Notion

Roadmap by Notion Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

If you want to track your project tasks in one place, Notion’s Roadmap is the template you should use. No need to create a template for each task type as Roadmap already comes with customizable templates.

You can add more entries and custom properties if needed to track needed information seamlessly. 

Plus, you can switch the views of the database to categorize the tasks by status, product manager, or engineer.


  • Customizable calendar template design
  • Legends section defines what each entry in the Roadmap template means
  • Tasks are categorized into 4 types: “Epics” for large tasks, “Sprints” for time-bounded tasks, “Tasks” for the breakdown of actions making up the “Epics,” and “Bugs” for things that need to be fixed
  • Status view of the database shows the tasks according to their status (“Complete,” “In Progress,” “Not Started”)
  • Epics database lists all tasks classified as large and overarching
  • Epic calendar shows all “Epics” tasks in monthly view
  • Sprints database shows in board view all time-bounded tasks 
  • Tasks view shows the actions needed to complete the “Epics” task
  • Bugs view lists all the things that need fixing; comes with Notion tags to see where the particular bug falls into
  • Tasks by Engineer view sorts each task to the engineer it was assigned to in board view
  • Tasks by PM shows all the tasks assigned to every project manager of the team in board view
  • List database view lists quick links to the projects to be done or doing; each entry opens to a side peek page
  • Table view shows in database view the projects to be done, when they were created, who they were assigned to, their level of priority, what sprint task they belong to, and their status

Get the Roadmap template by Notion here

7. Subscription Tracker by NotionSwede

Subscription Tracker by NotionSwede Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

For those finding it challenging to track their monthly subscriptions, NotionSwede has solved it with the Subscription Tracker he made. 

Not only can you track your subscriptions, but also review them so you can decide whether to continue being active with them or not.

You can think of this as a Notion budget template as well that is specific to subscriptions. 


  • Straightforward calendar template design
  • “How to Use?” toggle menu explains in detail how the Subscription Tracker template is used
  • Services gallery shows the gallery card of each subscription showing the full details
  • Subscriptions database lists each subscription made; categorized into “Active Subscription,” “All Subscriptions,” and “Inactive Subscriptions”
  • Clock widget for tracking time and day
  • Payment Calendar shows the active subscriptions you have with their corresponding fees; shown in a monthly calendar view

Get NotionSwede’s Subscription Tracker template here

8. Content Planner & Calendar by NotionEverything

Content Planner & Calendar by NotionEverything Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

Content creators will be able to grow their audience with NotionEverything’s Content Planner & Calendar template. No need to toggle between a content planner and a calendar template as this template combines them both.

Each channel you’re working on gets its dashboard so you can easily monitor your growth. It also comes with calendar views to see at a glance all the content you’ve published or working on.


  • All-in-one content calendar template
  • Notion Welcome Page featuring the quick link to the template
  • Channels section shows in gallery view all the social media accounts you’re handling; classified according to “Active” and “Inactive” channels
  • Each social media channel comes with individual dashboards that open on a side peek page
  • Content Idea database for easy adding of content topics for each channel
  • Content Pipeline in board view to track all your content work’s status in five categories (“Next up,” “In progress,” “In review,” “To schedule,” and “Scheduled”
  • Published database view lists all active channels, the type of content published, and the date it was posted; the topic for each channel is classified using Notion tags
  • Master Databases section features the master databases for “Channels” and “Content”; shouldn’t be deleted as it will affect the entire template

Get NotionEverything’s Content Planner & Calendar template here

9. Editorial Calendar by Notion Editor

Content Planner & Calendar by NotionEverything Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

If you’re into editorial work, Notion’s Editor Calendar is your best buddy. It helps you keep track of all projects you’re doing without losing track of their status and to whom they were assigned.

What’s great with this template is that you can switch views depending on the information you need at the time.


  • Functional calendar template design
  • Calendar view shows all editorial projects in the monthly calendar view
  • Table – Show All database lists all editorial projects you’re doing regardless of status, type, or author
  • Board – by Status Kanban board shows to what stage of the editorial process a certain project is in (“Idea,” “Scheduled,” “In Progress,” “Completed”)
  • Board – by Author Kanban board shows the tasks categorized according to the author or person doing them; status and the task type are seen on the cards as Notion tags

Get the Editorial Calendar by Notion Editor template here

10. People Tracker and Birthday Reminder Template by Philipp Stelzel

People Tracker and Birthday Reminder Template by Philipp Stelzel Best and Free Notion Calendar Templates

Gone are the days you track your loved one’s birthdays by scribbling on wall or desktop calendars to remind you. With the People Tracker and Birthday Reminder template, everyone’s birthdays can be seen at a glance.

Plus, you get to list their occupation, skills, contact numbers, and even interests in a database. This way, you won’t have a hard time thinking of gifts or calling them for their upcoming special days. 


  • Visual and structured calendar template for tracking people and their birthdays 
  • Neurodivergent-friendly as it comes with a “Reminder” feature to help remember important dates
  • Welcome Page features a quick link to the template
  • People Template section in database and gallery views shows your loved one’s names, their birthdays, calculated age, days until their next birthday, and their company affiliations (work)
  • Birthdays Overview section shows the birthdays of the names listed in database and calendar view
  • Skills, Interests & Occupation toggle menu shows in table, gallery, and board views the work, interests, skills, social media accounts, website (if applicable), and companies they’re working for of the people you listed 
  • Gallery cards in the “Skills, Interests, & Occupation” section open to a center peek page showing all relevant details of the person concerned
  • Contact toggle menu lists all contact details of the names listed in database view; includes “Where did we met?” and “Relationship with me” properties to remind you how you came to know the person

Get Philipp Stelzel’s People Tracker and Birthday Reminder template here


Using the best and free Notion calendar templates is the ultimate game-changer for anyone seeking to manage schedules. After all, you can be more productive and prioritize your to-dos better when you know what’s coming.

Make every day count and embrace the future of planning with these indispensable Notion calendar templates. 

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