How to Embed PDF in Notion (Desktop & Mobile)

One thing differentiating Notion from other productivity tools is the ease of embedding files. Aside from calendars and widgets, you can also embed PDFs into Notion.

But is the embedding process like how you add other files to your Notion workspace?

Embedding PDF in Notion (Desktop)

1. Open a Notion page or workspace and add a PDF embed block.

There are two ways to do this. One way is to click on the “+” button and select the “PDF” option in the “Embeds” section.

Embedding PDF in Notion (Desktop) Step 1

Another way is to type the “/pdf” command in a blank space. Then choose the “PDF” option on the menu that appears. An embed block then appears.

Embedding PDF in Notion (Desktop) Step 1

2. Click either the “Upload” tab or the “Embed link” tab.

Embedding PDF in Notion (Desktop) Step 2

Select “Upload” if the PDF is on your computer. If you have a PDF saved in your Google Drive or a website, select the “Embed link” tab instead.

3. Upload the PDF or paste the URL of the PDF you’ll embed.

Embedding PDF in Notion (Desktop) Step 3

If you upload the PDF, click the “Choose a File” button, find the file, and select “Open.”

If you prefer pasting the URL of the PDF, choose the “Embed PDF” button and paste the link in the blank field. Then select the “Embed PDF” option.

Wait for the PDF to be viewable on your Notion workspace. You can then resize and reposition it. If you’ll read the PDF, place your cursor in the middle and start scrolling down.

Embedding PDF in Notion (Desktop) Step 3

The only downside is that the hyperlinks leading to specific pages don’t work when you click them. Nonetheless, you can continue scrolling to navigate through the PDF.

Embedding PDF in Notion Mobile

Note: The steps mentioned here apply to both Android devices and iPhones.

1. Tap on a blank space on the Notion page or workspace you opened.

Embedding PDF in Notion Mobile Step 1

This move makes the bottom menu appear above the onscreen keyboard.

2. Press the “+” button.

Embedding PDF in Notion Mobile Step 2

You’ll see this between the “AI” and “Turn into” icons.

3. Swipe up and choose “PDF.”

Embedding PDF in Notion Mobile Step 3

“PDF” is just one of the different options under the “Embeds” section. You’ll then be redirected to the “File” page.

4. Press “Upload” or “Embed link.”

Embedding PDF in Notion Mobile Step 4

If the PDF is saved on your mobile phone, choose “Upload.” Then tap “Choose a file” > “Choose File” to locate the PDF. Tap the said file until you see it appear on your Notion page.

If you prefer to paste the link of the PDF, tap “Embed link,” paste the file’s link, and press “Embed link.” The PDF then appears in Notion.

But you’ll notice that the PDF is not readily viewable compared to when you embed it on the desktop version of Notion. You’ll have to tap on the PDF embed before the file opens on another page.

5. Press “Done.”

Embedding PDF in Notion Mobile Step 5

You’ll find this button on the upper right of the PDF you opened. Do this step only if you’re done reading the said file.


Following those simple steps above allows you to embed PDFs into Notion effortlessly. With a streamlined workflow, you can access and view PDFs without leaving the Notion workspace.

So start organizing and referencing vital documents in one centralized location with this nifty Notion feature!

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