How to Clear a Table in Notion — 3 Incredibly Simple Steps

Tables are great data organizers. You can easily sort data into categories without missing a single detail. But what if you need to clear the data you added yet you don’t want to make the table from scratch?

Not to worry as it is easy to clear a table in Notion — if you know the steps.

How to Clear a Table in Notion 

Tables in Notion are valuable as they allow data organization even with plain text. But unlike databases, you cannot use certain functionalities like calculations of percentages and getting the sum of rows and columns.

Yet, tables allow flexibility to change the layout, especially during the planning stages. Once you get the signal to push through with the table layout, you can convert it into a database.

But since tables aren’t databases, you can’t clear the table of its contents as easily. There currently is no one-click button feature available to clear all the data in the table.

You still can clear a table you made in Notion with these few steps though:

1. Click the 6-dot handle of the table’s row or column.

How to Clear a Table in Notion Step 1

On a row, you’ll find this on its left side border. On a column, you’ll find this on top of the topmost cell of that column.

A dropdown menu then appears.

2. Select “Clear Contents.”

How to Clear a Table in Notion Step 2

This is the second to the last option on the dropdown menu. You’ll find this between “Duplicate” and “Delete” (click this option if you want to delete the entire table instead).

By now you should see all the contents of that row or column removed. The cells though are left intact structure-wise.

How to Clear a Table in Notion Step 2

3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to clear the contents of the entire table.

How to Clear a Table in Notion Step 3

Since there is no one-click button to clear the contents of a table in Notion, you can only repeatedly select the 6-dot handle and the “Clear Contents” options. 

Once you’re done clearing the table of its contents, you’re left with an empty structure. All the table’s rows and columns are blank.

You can then add new header labels and data in each cell. If needed, you can drag and drop the rows or columns in the table to restructure the information on it.


Learning how to clear the table in Notion is a fundamental skill that every Notion user should know. Not only does it keep an organized workspace, but it also molds you to become a more productive individual.

Plus, you get to keep the original structure of the table, saving you time in creating one from scratch. So master the steps mentioned above so you’ll save more time in designing the workspace that you so desire.

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