How to Change Font in Notion (Also Font Size) – 2024

By default, the font used in Notion is Sans-Serif Workhorse. But if you want to customize your documents and notes within this productivity tool, change the font used.

With the simple steps below, you can change the font used in Notion in no time.

How to Change Font in Notion

Changing the font used in your Notion workspace is as easy as 1-2-3. No need to scroll through dozens of font options on a dropdown menu to make the change.

Whether you’re accessing Notion on a web browser, a desktop, or a mobile device, the steps to changing the font size apply to all.

1. Click the 3-dot icon.

Changing the Font in Notion Step 1

You’ll find this button on the upper-right corner of the Notion workspace or page you opened. 

2. Select a font style under “Style.”

Changing the Font in Notion Step 2

Again, the default font used in Notion is Sans-serif Workhorse. But if this doesn’t look good for your workspace, click either the “Serif” option or the “Mono” option.

You’ll know you have selected a font if the color turns blue from grey. The changes you made appear on the page after clicking on one of the font style options.

How to Change Font Size in Notion

Changing the font size in Notion is also an easy task. There is no need to choose from a dropdown menu to browse through dozens of font-size options.

But unlike when changing font styles, there are two ways of making the font sizes larger or smaller in Notion.

Note: Changing font sizes in Notion is available only on its desktop and web versions. You cannot enlarge or make the font size smaller in Notion on the mobile app.

The first method is to click the same 3-dot icon on the upper right of the Notion page you opened. Then on the dropdown menu, click the toggle for “Small text.” 

Changing the Font Size in Notion Step 1

If the toggle is activated, it turns to blue. This then makes the font size of the text in Notion smaller. To enlarge the font, select the same “Small text” toggle. Once it’s back to its grey color, the text also becomes larger.

Changing the Font Size in Notion Step 1

The other method is to use the hotkeys. On Windows computers, tap “Ctrl + ‘+/-‘.”On Mac computers, the “Cmd + ‘+/-‘” hotkeys are pressed to change the font size in Notion.

Changing the Font Size in Notion Step 2

But unlike the first option, the use of the hotkeys also affects the other widgets and items added to the workspace. You either zoom in or zoom out on the Notion page.


Notion’s flexible formatting options allow easy changing of fonts to enhance your content’s visual appeal. You only need to make a few clicks to experiment with various combinations that suit your needs.

So, add a personalized touch and style to your Notion notes and documents with the help of the steps above.

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