Add Vertical Divider in Notion – 5 Easy Ways (2024)

Notion is known to offer several features to enhance content organization. One of these features is adding columns to the page you’re working on.

While it’s easy to add columns, can you visually separate them by adding vertical dividers? You’re in luck as we’ll learn how to do it here.

How to Add Vertical Divider in Notion

Vertical dividers help separate various types of information on a Notion page. You can also use these vertical dividers to create a visual hierarchy and avoid cluttering the page.

While Notion has easily incorporated the columns feature, vertical dividers aren’t as easy to add. Yet, there is a workaround that anyone can master quickly.

Granting that you have opened a new blank page in Notion, follow these steps.

1. Select the “+” button.

Adding Vertical Divider in Notion Step 1

You’ll find this button on the left of the 6-dot handle after clicking on a blank space on the Notion page. Clicking this button opens a dropdown menu.

2. Scroll down and click “Quote.”

Adding Vertical Divider in Notion Step 2

This option is under the “Basic Blocks” section, between “Toggle List” and “Divider.”

Now you should see a vertical black line on the blank space on the page.

3. Add a quote line.

Adding Vertical Divider in Notion Step 3

Just add the text to the right of the quote line you added. If you’ll notice the line lengthens as you add more text. But in case you want a longer line, proceed with the next step.

4. Press “Shift + Enter.”

Adding Vertical Divider in Notion Step 4

This command lengthens the quote line that you added even without adding text. Keep pressing these two buttons on your keyboard until you get the divider line length you want.

5. Write a text under the quote block and drag it to the left part of the vertical line.

Adding Vertical Divider in Notion Step 5

Before you do this step, maximize the Notion page you opened. This allows you to easily drag the text you added to the left side of the quote block. 

Make sure you see the blue vertical line before releasing the new quote block. This ensures that a new column is added beside the current column.

After successfully adding the text, you can continue typing more text. If you need more columns, repeat steps 3 to 5. This time, you can drag the new quote block to the right or the left of the current columns you made.


Adding vertical dividers in Notion is not an inherent feature. Yet, if you learn the process, you can visually segment content and improve your page’s organization.

These clean vertical lines then enhance not only readability but also your Notion page’s user-friendliness and efficiency.

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